Pulling faces at God. 

You know the face.

Eyes closed, hands raised, sometimes our bodies start to weave back and forth a little. Maybe a little jumping. looking upwards. You don’t really think about what a crowd of worshippers looks like until you play a song with four chords that you know back to front and you look up. Depending on who is in the crowd and what God is doing, looking over the crowd can be the funniest thing ever – because there are certain people in the crowd that look at you and laugh, or give you one of those looks that reminds you of a funny time. It can also be powerful because you get to see people getting wrecked by the spirit, or getting deep healing, or just enjoying the presence of God in unique ways. Some dancing, some singing passionately, some on their knees or on their faces.

And some have the ability of going in and out of those faces with ease. Earlier in my life I would have chalked it up to faking it, but there have been multiple times when i have had my ‘im bored face on’ and then a line from a song, or a sentiment of a moment just overwhelms me into jumping and dancing, or crying and laughing, or huge shivers down my spine. And it’s completely genuine, and moments later I can be straight back to bored face.

Watching these interactions from the stage is amazingly curious and honouring. Like you get the privilege of seeing Gods handiwork close up.


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