Where to go….

Every moment could count. Every step can get us closer to our goals or further away from our dreams. I spent 9 months in the early 2000’s playing a computer game constantly. i am not dissing computer games, but during that time my guitar skills got slower, my reading speed got less comprehensive, i wasn’t learning much from the game and my social interaction capital was in free fall. One of the main problems was.. i didn’t know where I wanted to go.

So some thoughts:

1. Figure out at least a vague destination.

– If you don’t know where you are going, its hard to figure out an effective way of getting there.

2. Figure out how to get there.

– I really like collecting books and stories, but if I just collect the information I don’t need, it gets in the way of me getting the stuff to DO a need. Currently I am trying to learn a lot of piano, Lithuanian and the basics of drawing. But if i get distracted on Wikipedia reading up on Gough whitlam. (although a great man) I won’t get any closer to my destination. I need a schedule, i need a plan, i need to set some stuff in motion so it gets done.

3. Learn how to rest.

– If we work at things every moment of the day then we don’t have space to review and enjoy. God did just that. King Solomon also had room when the land rested to build the temple. Find that place where you aren’t fighting, and can meditate on the goodness of life.

These moments pull us further into God intentions and hopes for our lives. And that concept continues to floor me.

God has a hope for my life.

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