A forest

So you get flown in by sweet helicopter and left on the side of a forest and told – “Enjoy, just don’t cut anything down”

The insane beauty of the place makes you question why anyone in their right mind would cut anything down in this place. That question grows louder as you walk through the forest. Flowers, fruits, animals. The smells, the colours, the textures. The temperature is perfect. You don’t even need clothes. And you don’t sweat. It is literally the greatest temperature ever. The sun sets would make Hawaiians cry, and the moon is like watching your favourite movie of all time for the first time. You get to giggle, you get to climb trees and jump into rivers. You get to lay on your back, perfectly content to stare upwards into the leafy canopy for hours. And time is irrelevant, you have nowhere to be, no deadlines to meet and yet you are fully satisfied.

Someone then suggests that you make a little bit more room in your favourite chill out spot. It would just take one tree. And it would be easy to just cut it down. You ignore the voice. That’s dumb. Why would anyone need to cut a tree down.

You continue prancing and dancing through the forest. You are joined by your closest friend. You find animals you have never seen before. You sing songs never sung before. And the sunsets somehow get even better.

Someone suggests again, how it would be fun to build a platform up in the trees to view the sunset even better. It would just take cutting off just two branches. Two branches is fine. You ignore them, you can climb higher than any platform could be built and watch the sunset from the tops of the highest tree.

You find a strange patch of grass that tastes like mint. It is glorious. You find a giant tree with a hollowed out trunk and you yell and laugh into it just to hear the echoes. You stay up all night just because you can, and just because the northern lights are out.

Someone suggests again that you need to just break some twigs off to make little boats to try put in the water to see if they float. Your best friend is like “BEST IDEA EVER!!!” She breaks some twigs and makes some boats… but they sink. “Maybe we need bigger twigs!!” She grabs some bigger twigs and tries again. This time the little boats stay afloat for a long while. It dawns on here that maybe the sheep in the next part of forest float, so she runs to find a small enough one to carry back. It doesn’t float and it makes the strangest sound as it drowns. Thinking to save it, you both cut some bigger sticks off to attempt dragging the sheep out of the water. It does not work. So you lay down in the shade, exhausted.

Someone suggests that you cut down a tree to make a memorial to the sheep who died because it didn’t float. But wood floats. That made sense to your exhausted brain, so you cut down a tree and start designing a memorial to the fallen.

After you finish you stare at the sunset. It’s beautiful. You start to giggle in over tired exhaustion and fall asleep in the middle of a clearing.

The tree can be regrown. The forest can grow larger and spread across the face of the earth. But when you take something from someone that isn’t yours, its kinda polite to give it back and or say sorry.

Given a forest. Started cutting it down.

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