Where’s God?

a few days ago I was about to get into a car with a friends family and his son emerged from the car almost in tears, in Latvian he was freaking out because his dad wasn’t in the car. His dad quickly figured out the situation and brought the child into the car he was going in.

Another day I frightened a child and terrified, it ran to a parents legs. And then after a second the child looked back at me and ventured out towards me for me to frighten it, then return screaming to its parent. And repeat.

When I had asthma as a child I would sometimes wake up in the night struggling to breathe and would instantly start crying out for Dad to help me.

I have gone through periods of being able to put on a face of joy whilst trauma rips through my insides. And I think, when I look at children I would be much better off if I took their example of being open and honest.

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