Roses are red.

written a few weeks ago. Posted because I like reality too.

“Roses are red, Violets are blue.

I miss just hanging out with you.

Also, if roses were blue too, that would be pretty great. Because blue is awesome.”

In the midst of an incredibly extroverted life that has enjoyed immensely the adventurous life i have been living for this half decade… this week is a sad, physically exhausted, in-shock, wishing I was home type of week. Which isn’t helpful when you are literally the other side of the world, living on a farm surrounded by new beautiful friends and rainy… irritatingly deceptive skies.

So many nice words have been spoken to me today. Some of them were meant as positive statements but their sentiment grates on my tender heart-sickness. I have slept, i have been eating, i have been doing things I love, i have been around people i enjoy the company of and i have been learning some amazing truths, and still I constantly find myself on the edge of… sadness. and I don’t like it.

This music isn’t helping. Lols.

Do you remember that show monkey magic? that is one strange show.

I feel like this is not an enjoyable blog to read… so maybe I will leave you with something…

This world is tiny. I just talked with a girl I met in Australia a year ago, and talking through the different things we’ve done since then and the people we know, the world just gets smaller and smaller and i like that. and for a brief moment of conversation I wasn’t exhausted…

Ok. good talk.

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