Tour diaries one. 

Writing from the back of a car sailing through the night of South Central Sweden, returning west from a Camp on the east coast I can’t sleep even though I haven’t slept properly in days. I share the car with three incredible individuals and have attempted a lullaby care of La Disputes newer album.
I returned to Sweden less than a week ago, hugged loved ones, half unpacked only to practice twice with a band of musical geniuses and BOOM. Have played three sets with them on bass. An instrument my tiny hands struggle to find endurance on, but a musically enjoyable experience.
On the road, I have eaten dinner with a superbike riding, own octagonal house building selfless man and his Swedish famous singing and hair cutting wife. We swapped stories, discussed culture, ate incredibly well. Laughed deeply. And I learned once again that age doesn’t mean we stop asking questions. Age just means we get To be more eloquent and hilarious in our honesty.
I have been given a new hat that matches my pants well. I forgot my toothbrush. I started drawing my notes again. I packed light which means still too much. I’m reading Jeremiah and have drunk more coffee than a human should in three days.
We spent almost two days at a church camp made up of people from all around the world. The services were translated into Farsi. I met some incredible young people, including a young Pakistani father who told me how much he loved his children and how he couldn’t understand how anyone could be happy without children. After which I spoke to a new friend about how he woke up with a city on his lips. Similar to how I did in Uganda. And also, a woman who lived in Ethiopia for seven years, during which she completed a fine arts degree with a full scholarship.
We ate amazing curry and I sat in the sun for an hour with two Swedish kids who didn’t seem to know how to use a pencil or how to recognize the drawing they made of their own parents, but the brother knew how to use my iPhone well.
My shoes smell but I’m not convinced that my shirt does yet. I thoroughly have enjoyed speaking to our drummer of the power of social media and how both of us want to write books but feel like it could be an irrelevant medium currently.
Tomorrow we play at someone’s party and then I get to go “home” for a bit.

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