Justice, Peace and Non Violence.

Imagine a world of no violence. Not just less violence. and Not even any accidental violence. I’m talking NONE.

Violence can sometimes be thought of as just that which is done by the military. So NO violence would just be no inter-community war. Or Violence could be understood as just what cars do when driven by drunks or sleepy people. Or angry husbands to wives, or diseases to our internal organs, or unsustainable living to the environment.

Violence is forced and destructive. Violence is stressful, divisive, selfish, impatient.

Violence is the primary reason for death. And in some way, it is also one of the main limiters of further death. Thats what the just war theory argues. That we go to war to stop more death from happening. We execute the guilty or destroy their lives in prison to limit them from destroying more lives. We tax alcohol to limit the general populace from destroying their bodies, families, public infrastructure any more than they would with a lot of it. We require certain quality testing on our foods and medicines and inventions. We attempt to make weapons available to certain people and not to the violent type.

But violence is also a big promotional tool for movies, books, games, sports and of late even sex is being promoted as “sexier” if it has a violent edge to it.

So on one side we are limiting violence and on the other side we are hoping violence increases so we can make more money or get what we want quicker.

Imagine a world without violence.

Imagine a place where everyone creates and gives to and champions each other. A place where everyone is provided for. A place where everyone belongs. A place where we eat enough, we sleep enough, we have enough alone time and enough party time. A place of peace.

I don’t think justice, real justice is only revenge or punishment. Justice has an element of making everything better. Comforting, redeeming, recreating and limiting the spread of further violence. Justice has forgiveness and repentance written all over it. And it resonates from us. Daily living just lives. True lives. Honest lives, peaceful lives.

Where do you find peace?

Where do you find freedom?

And where is your safe space to create out from?

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