Jeremiah 1-3 in pictures

I’ve been reading through Jeremiah and it has made me want to draw so… I did. I think i’ll write a lot about this book but for now i thought i would make quick comments about a few things.


In the opening of the book, God speaks of knowing Jeremiah and knowing his purpose and where he is created to go. And one can read these passages and automatically paint the rest of humanity with the same brush. Well… these verses are for everyone… God knew us before we were born and knows exactly what we will do. And some of us are unnerved by that because we want to make our own decisions. But then we kind of throw the baby and the bathwater as far from us as we can and start from a blank slate not knowing who we are at all.. We get insecure and we try out some things that are definitely not us, just to make the statement of “you can’t tell me what to do… and I’m not sure what to do” So I’m curious. What if we all stopped and asked God what he thinks of us and what we could do well in the grand scheme of things. The prophet Jeremiahs life was quite tough, it was a heavy burden to bear to be the spokesperson for a God that no one felt worthy of praise. What were we made for?


Insecurity once again. Sometimes in my life I have looked at my hands and thought “These are up for the job.. Capable.. Skilled.. Ready. But most of the time I look at people more capable, more ready, more mature than me and I think “Nope. I’m just a boy” Even at 30 I told my mother that i didn’t feel grown up and she almost said that that’s the norm for the rest of our lives. But what of our experience. what of our skillset. Do we label ourselves something that God does not label us? Are we men that think we are boys?







There is moments and times and places that are better to speak. Better to proclaim. There have been moments in my life where people have come and said specific things to me that have completely changed the course or who I am and where i go because of the passion behind the statements and that i listened to what was said. And sometimes they need to be said from the mountaintops.


I think we forget that we believe that God is with us way too often. We profess to believe that we need not fear, that we are delivered, that we are saved and then moments later we believe some lies about ourselves or we shrink back from simple disagreements with what we believe. And we don’t need to. We can hold signs up as we walk along.

I used different colours in this because I am convinced that God has A LOT of things for us to know and speak. But sometimes we choke on them or refuse to take them on. But they are all good. Everything God wants to give us is good. Even if they are hard. God gave Jeremiah some crazy hard things to do, but they were still good. they were still for the good of people.


A repeating idea in the prophetic books is Gods simple question “Has a nation ever changed its God from a living God do a created god?” Referring to Israel tangible relationship with God, but refusing that for an intangible relationship with crafted idols. From Gods perspective it’s quite a good question. Israel is crazy. But the same is for us now. Why do we swap a tangible relationship with fear inducing hopelessness?

Similar again. The picture of the almond tree and the cracked vestibules. Why would you refuse water, living water that continues to refresh and instead take on leaky containers that never satisfy?


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