Its impossible for you to destroy the church.

So a thought.

In the start of the bible, God puts a lot of things in place for his people so that they wouldn’t die. These things to our minds in 2015 seem insane. These things for we who have seen incredible scientific advancements since seem dated and barbaric. But from what I can see, God likes life, he likes making sure that life continues, so he put things in place to keep the many alive.

Now we have medicines and hygiene knowledge, nutrient advances and so forth that we can completely ignore large paragraphs of the first five books, as their original intent has been rather obviously superceded.

Fast forward to the beginning of the church. There seems a few verses that focus on what to do with trouble makers, as trouble makers have a penchant for destroying communities, and back then there weren’t that many communities to destroy, so God put in quite strong stipulations to get rid of the trouble makers before they could ruin all the plans. But the metanarrative of Gods story is life and life to the full even if it includes multiple second chances (right? remember grace. Without grace the bible would be very short. Adam sins…. Cain kills… bible finishes) So for some reason, a lot of our faith communities focus on the “kicking out of the sinful” or the oppression of the “sinful” or the placarding and boycotting of the “sinful” whilst trying to be not “those that need Jesus” but trying to be Jesus himself. As we are all to be like Jesus that must mean that we don’t need him any more right? And that must mean that we get to judge everyone and make sure all those that enter our ranks are completely sin-free because if they aren’t… then…. our laser light shows won’t be as smooth through the haze of mistakes and brokenness in the back of the hall.

I wonder if we need to lay down our focus on those verses for awhile. I wonder if we need to love first and figure out the grey areas of our theological standpoint later. Or maybe we need to get better at leaning into the grey areas instead of painting the grey areas darker.

The more I hear of the grey areas, the more I meet people who know exactly what Jesus thinks whilst they stand cross-armed inside their glassed foyers…. the more I’m convinced that we don’t know what we are talking about at all because we have never really lived it. We are too nervous or something.

If we are so sure, why are we so insecure and weak. and if we are so insecure and weak, why aren’t we worshipping deeper and longer and more passionately at His feet?

It is impossible for anyone to destroy this church bride, so why do we carry it like our dead grandmothers china sculpture that she made in preschool?

We need to get the bride dirty. We need to get the bride to meet those who haven’t met our sweet husband and saviour. Because I don’t think people don’t like Jesus. I think people would love Jesus, if they actually met him through us, instead of having us stand in his way.

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