Remember the first rainbow.

As the story goes, humanity had gotten to a stage that we could destroy ourselves in violence and greed. So God decided to rescue those that weren’t so much about violently destroying others, asked them to make a giant boat, and sailed all the animals of the time across the sea until the rain stopped. After which God made a promise that he would never wipe out humanity using floods ever again.

We can take a lot out of this story. A lot about God and his tangible availability and experience with humanity.  His power, his plans. But also about humanity. We crave violence at times. And there were moments that we could have committed genocide on ourselves. And that’s not the greatest of things to attempt.

Fast forward a few generations and you have a minority fringe-dwelling group of people who have been discriminated against and in their attempt to rise up and be counted as equal human beings they have taken on the rainbow as their flag. And it’s kind of funny that they use a symbol that God designed to remind us that he loves us enough to not destroy us using water.

As the “not straight” community wave their rainbow flags, why are we not reminded that God loves when his creation don’t destroy each other. Why are we not reminded that we have a Rescuer God? Even when he has to rescue us from ourselves.

We have not the big picture. The spirit does. The spirit will always have a bigger picture than us, and yet we like more to rely on our tiny human experience to judge others first, when we could love first and get a bigger story of individuals in the grand scheme of Gods plans to bring redemption and harmony to eternity.

Remember the first rainbow.

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