Jeremiah 2-4

I started drawing bits of the book of Jeremiah – part one is here.

Theres parts of Jeremiah that keep repeating. God keeps making clear to his people his standards for their lives but also how much he is in love with them. It is also a book that clearly shows their and our complete lack of appropriate response.

  Like this first drawing. The people God had the gumption to look up with arms raised as if to say “What are you looking at?’ and with their mouths spoke out the laughable “But I have not sinned”

What’s your deal God? are you saying we aren’t perfect? How dare you make a judgement call? Who do you think you are, some kind of God? Not even like a toddler who has just dropped his fork off the table straight after being told not to, we and they back in the day have these moments of aggressive rebellion masked in feigned innocence.
  God, watching these feigned innocences speaks out his hopes that they, and we, would call him Dad. That we would be so intimate with him, that we would look up to him for help and advice and comfort, but He is saddened to find that the people usually do not look at him so.

He keeps repeating the strangely hopeful reference to the flood, that he will never fully wipe them  out. He will always have a remnant. He will always work with humanity to find a better future.

Throughout the prophets the people of God are referred to as prostitutes multiple times as they are unfaithful to the God that saved them. They go out and serve other gods ‘behind Gods back’ believing that he doesn’t know, putting makeup on their eyes so that they can attract the other gods.

He looks for one to pardon. He isn’t hoping the people fail. He isn’t speeding up the clock so that he can punish. He really really wants to find the good people. He desires his people to be good.


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