No strings attached. 

Sometimes it feels like we want to control everything. We want to attach strings to the sun and the clouds and pull them closer or force them further away. And sometimes we even want to attached strings to other peoples hearts so we can control them too. But why? Why would you want to control the hearts of others?

The season of winter is the best season because it isn’t summer. But without summer everyone goes insane.

Some parts of our lives should be lived with no strings attached. None. Not even little ones.

Freedom, as I heard once, is the ability to let something go and have it choose to come back. Not really sure of the context of that one at all… but, for example, my parents have always given me HUGE freedom to make decisions that have had consequences. They have been there to discuss the consequences, but they have seldom tried to make my decisions for me.

I was discussing with a friend just recently about sex before commitment and how there seem to be reasons why one should avoid sexing up as many people as they can… but that fear and ignorance and blind obedience shouldn’t be what keeps us from commitment-less sex. As our love of Jesus should not be covered in law strings and fear strings and self-righteous strings. But should have no strings attached other than love, if love is a string. But love is not a string of control outside of physically stopping your child running in front of a car.

Leave the sun and the hearts of others free from control. They can tie their own shoes.

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