The overflow cup.

I walked outside with 30 students with differing sizes of liquid-holdable vestibules. I told them to fill everyone’s vestibule with water. Only catch. You cannot fill your own. I had placed a large box of water in the middle. The game is played until someone realises there is a tap behind us, and they fill everyone’s cup, spoon, hat with water.

Jesus may have yelled over the crowd of an important festival a few very important words that simply boiled down to: Come to me and get eternal life. With me, you won’t be thirsty for anything crap. With me, I will satisfy you. Me. The son of God who created you.

Today, whilst sitting in a cozy room with a rad lady translating behind us, I was reminded of a few things.

Like Doritos nacho flavoured chips, if I fill up on crap, I will sort of be full, but not really satisfied, but for a few moments I won’t crave anything more. With Jesus, if we fill our spiritual and existential desires with the sweet treats of capitalism and quick-rich gains of hedonistic pursuits we don’t thirst for Him. Why would we? We are already full. Of cheese flavoured cardboard yes, but full none the same.

I don’t often get hungry. I love food. I can usually always eat food. But I don’t have intense cravings for food until I smell it. If I can smell good food, I want that food in my belly. Sometimes I don’t crave being around God. I don’t drop whatever I’m doing to find Him at any cost until I smell His aroma. I get excited about praying when im in a context of praying. I love reading a lot of the bible if I’m sitting to read, i love singing when its times for singing. My biggest struggle is getting in the right position to do something. To get myself ready to be thirsty. To choose the right foods when I am hungry, and to eat the right diet.

And Jesus makes it clear in john 7 as well as many other parts of the bible. It’s not about us. Its not about how many balls we can juggle, or how spiritual we can be, or how fast we can drive to work half asleep. It, ALL OF IT is about Him. Because when it all becomes about Him, He can make it all work. That’s what He is best at. making it all better. Making the living water give out living water.

Then, and only then, can we most effectively join the great redemption plan. We can help each other to an extent without the living water. But then we run out of water because we spill so much of it laughing. But when the living water starts to pour, making us an overflow station…. The thirst is quenched, the thirst is multiplied, and our capacity for love increases.

Its the way we were created.

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