Pegs. Stones. Memory Cards. Untils.

Just before I left Australia I had lunch with two of the kindest, loved-filled-est, God-led, beautiful people I know. They had heard God for me, left me with a book, but mostly left me with the idea of pegs, memory cards and slow cookers.

They felt like the next season for me would be one of deep learning. Like a slow cooker that slowly melts all the food in together, bubbling and stewing. – Already, this has been the case. I started the day surrounded by textbooks and for lunch I ate the last of the stew I made this week. But the thing I want to focus on is the idea of Pegs or Stones.

In the old testament something huge would happen for the Jews and they would stick a pile of stones together so that when their children walked past it, the parents could tell their children why it was there.

I don’t have a pile of rocks, I don’t currently have a peg board either, but I have a leg that I am slowly covering in tattoos.

In early 2009 I got a tattoo with my best friend, and its meaning has morphed and changed in what it reminds me of, but ultimately it reminds me of a fearless lover who allowed me to do live near him for a few seasons. It reminds me that yes I may be a part of a passionate movement of specific ideals and visions, but that doesn’t mean I have to get caught up in it and leave reality because of it. It also reminds me that questions are the best way to make friends and enemies, and both of those are good things. Some people will disagree with you and that’s good. Make friends of those people quickly.

In early 2011 I sat in a house in Uganda and felt like God asked me to get a tattoo that reads “ggullawo” which at the time I found out means “Be Opened”, which specifically comes out of a verse in the bible that describes Jesus meeting a blind and deaf man and him being healed. To be open to seeing and hearing and speaking. I felt like God called me out to be open to speaking and listening and seeing things he wanted me to see. (which also began this blog)

In late 2013 I was walking around the tourist district of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam and we found a tattoo artist who spoke pretty good English and had an amazingly good sense of humour, so I went in and got the “ggullawo” tatt and then also felt to get the map of the world on my feet. In the midst of getting the maps I felt not to get one-half of the world, and as he was doing the outline of Australia it hurt very much, and I felt God say “Australia may hurt in life”. I need to go through my journals of that day because I feel like there was a lot more that God spoke in that short amount of time, but, it reminds me every time I have no shoes on that even tho sometimes I deeply crave it, I wasn’t necessarily designed to settle in Australia and get a normal job/ life.

I have the ideas for the rest of my leg, and I have scars all over my body to remind me of other adventures, like my ears and my knees and my hands.

I like remembering the good times of learning, and I like remembering the terrible times as well. Like the time I had 10 puncture wounds on my hands. I also really like photographs of good times. But I will leave that for now.

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