You are reading scripture wrong.

I grew up in a household that treated the bible like a book of wisdom. A book of truth. Part history book, part moral code. It was solid, it was not something you treated lightly. We didn’t keep our bibles in locked cabinets or anything, but, it was an important book.

We also used it almost like a weapon. A sword of better answers. We would study it, sometimes a little like a horse with blinders on… looking for specific things and ignoring the rest. But we knew what we knew. We came to conclusions and we defended it to the death (more socially than actual death)

I have also been able to read just little parts of the bible and build large mountainous life truths on just one verse, Ignoring all the other verses and parts of the bible that would say otherwise. There are also times that I would read the bible as if it was written directly to me, and then get confused at what they would mean for my culture and my time.

But I believe that for most of my life i have been reading the bible incorrectly, less effectively and wrong.

I wonder if I should give examples… that could get interesting….


But its just so funny how quickly and easily we do it, as if looking at it from another side will make God cease to be the creator of everything…. that makes me squirm. It’s literally just a book.

Science textbook -> next post.

5 thoughts on “You are reading scripture wrong.

  1. So true!! The BCC seminar earlier this year gave me mad insight to the importance of studying the Bible in context. Looking back at who it was originally written to, what was going on when it was written…flip. So good.

      1. There are three more seminars to do to complete the BCC course in its entirety, but we’re just waiting for the leader to be available again. I really want to do the entire course or an SBS. I need more Bible in my life.

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