Reading Scripture wrong: A Science text book.

A few blogs on how I have read the bible wrong in the past. For the introduction refer to ‘this blog’. These are written for discussion and thinking purposes, not for ‘being better than you’ purposes. Just a dude thinking out loud.

One of the bigger wrong readings of the bible I have found whilst spending time in conservative right leaning Christendom has been attempting to give the bible authority in places it has no authority. Thinking the bible was written for all purposes, not just the one it actually was.

When you read through the Genesis creation story you get a sense of awe at the beauty and completeness of the garden of Eden. A peaceful forest, a cute river running past your nap station. The partnering of man and woman as opposed to man and cow. The epic scope of the heavens and the waters and the animal kingdom. The beginning. The creation. The gladness of God in his finishing of the beginning.

Some Christians would read into that a completion of science as well. As if all of the details of every created being ever was written into those few chapters. As if medical surgeons in the apparent 4000BC would be able to perform open heart surgery using just chapters 1-4 and not end up with literal and poetic blood on their hands.

In other parts of history, scripture has been used to prove the morality of abortion by proving when life starts. Discounting modern science, some still espouse the same conclusions from a poetic passage in a prophetic book written millennia ago.

Then, reading about a giant refugee camp, certain sanitation laws were put in place because the people didn’t have soap. But in 2015, we know that certain members of our society don’t have to leave town every time their bodies naturally excrete waste. Because we have developed and invented things like plumbing and bleach. But then we point back to these same rules and use non-science to prove “scientific morality” thousands of years after the fact.

The bible is not a science book. The bible shouldn’t be used as a science book. Yes, the bible has principles that can guide a more effective study of science, and show more effective ways of presenting and using science amongst the community to champion goodness and life. But science is a step outside the bible. To use our brains. To use empirical proofs and data.

And yes, as humanity is full of insecure butt heads, sometimes empirical proofs can be distorted, just as readings of the bible can be distorted, just as interactions with God can be distorted.

I AM reading scripture wrong if I think undeniable proof of a 6000 year old earth can be found within its pages.

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