The US and THEM.

So the last week I’ve wanted to write something just to get it out of my head to really see what I believe and hope for. I have been reading a book about Myanmar and horrors that the generals have imposed on their people, so I got excited by the news of their election. But my hopefulness was short lived as facebook erupted in French flags and a resurgence of holier-than-thou uber racism. On the other side was uber naivety thinking nothing will in the refugee crises boiling out of Syria and the civil war raging between multiple factions often simplified to the black and white “it’s the Muslims” chorus of a song that none of us seem to know the words to so we just make some up.

I have heard videos blaming Parisians for going to a “death metal” concert and therefore, deserve death. I have read news articles that attempt to separate “Muslim nations” to individual states that all have differing conclusions on Islam and therefore, have differing fruit. I have seen pictographs of how many radicals there are and how many terrorist attacks on European as well as American soil and the numbers of “Islamic terrorists” to blame are strangely few. I have got my head loosely around the start of the Syrian war and the nations involved in turning the heat up. And now, it is being said that Isis are weak, losing ground and are taking credit for attacks they never influenced directly in the first place.

AND THEN one watches as the world points a giant finger at ALL Muslims. Or in other cases ALL Syrian refugees.

The Syrian civil war has spilled over to affect not just its own region, but many other regions of the world. Our thinking amongst the effects of this war needs to figure out who the US and the THEM are.

If the US is Australian citizens, then that colours how we see refugee migration, how we see our militaries involvement in any conflicts and how we see our responsibility to our allies. It becomes all about our little island and the strangely racist people that live on it.

If the US is the Syrian civilians caught in the crossfire between its arguably crooked government, the rebels fighting against the government and the other pop up groups fighting for one or none of the different sides, then that colours everything very differently. If the US is oil, If the US is political influence, if the US is the safety and comfort of our democratic lives…..

Currently, it feels like our US is non-Muslims and the THEM is anyone professing Islamic faith, even those who are like “Catholics” who go to mass on Christmas and that’s it. Which is also kind of funny because what does a 12-year-old Muslim boy in Indonesia have to do with the Syrian civil war? There was a young boy in Australia that shot a policeman, but take it out of the context of Islam being the THEM, and this boy has been taught wrongly of Australias conviction that killing is wrong. What can Australia do to make sure that all boys in Australia know that killing is wrong? as opposed to “let’s get rid of all the Muslims because all of their kids think its ok to kill”. They are OUR kids.

It is not the belief system we are worried about, otherwise satanism would be illegal. But it’s not, because most Satanists seem content with adhering to most laws. We need to be worried about behaviour under the LAW, why there are refugees to begin with, and who the THEM really is. It seems like the THEM are usually power hungry men that use fear and racial oppression to stay in power whilst lots of people die. And what have we learned from history? How do we stop power hungry men?

some videos to check out.