Some thoughts on new years already.

hi. so i currently live in 2016, and many of you don’t. but let me paint you a picture. i spent the last 6 hours with some of my favourite people. and of course evan, alex and pantxi weren’t here, but, it was a good group with many laughs and thoughts. there was amazing foods and a slack line, so thats nice.

it was moments like those that i thought “in hindsight, should i have said more nice things, or should i have just tried harder at balancing” because we picnicked with a norwegian family that i really like and i won’t get to spend so much time with them over the next few years, but… does one say nice things or just enjoy the moment…?

then laters there were fireworks. and… since the recent filming of the lord of the rings i have always been very underwhelmed by any fireworks. like seriously?? we can send people to space, destroy millions of peoples lives in a few hours AND make money off anything.. but we still can’t improve on fireworks circe 1999??? i mean. WHAT????

So yes we did stop and park on a median strip to watch the “new years” fire works (for the first time in my life) but i was not impressed. i was more impressed by the hummus kez made and the beers that some no name aussie made.

during tonight the question of new years resolutions were made. one perspective was “what resolutions will you make and you already know that you will fail” I very quickly posited “i want to run a marathon”. but thats the thing with resolutions. the only one i officially made and successfully did was 2012 “i will get in the ocean this year” and i did it. i jumped off a cliff into it. So… marathon?? maybe.

I may lose more weight. but i also may not.

i hope i learn more. make more friends. and maybe… a whole lot of other things.

One thought on “Some thoughts on new years already.

  1. I have always resolved to not make any resolutions. That way my ego remains intact.

    Happy New Year and yes we could improve on the fireworks, but that would either very dangerous or very expensive.

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