..in the form of a man.

that triumphant ‘i told you so’. after being pushed to the edge of society, John got to see the visions become real. As the man walked into their lives he came with a back story.Before jesus was 3 he became a third culture kid. jewish parents, refugees in egypt for a few years to protect their first born son from being murdered by the governor of the time. two years of needing to know another culture and language enough not to be oppressed. enough involvement to be able to eat. who knows what jesus learned in those 2-4 years in his youth, only to return to his home culture to another oppresive regime, some brothers and sisters and a knowledge that he was a little different from everyone else. He took up his fathers profession as well as a deep studying of the scriptures, the son of God…..
and how did the perfect human representative of God tell people about his father? he sat with them and talked, he made wine for them, he provided them with food supernaturally. he healed people, he called BS on the religious elite, he didn’t sleep at home often, he walked in influence, not title-inspired power. then he died for other people. he used the peoples language, the language of the oppressed and down trodden, but also knew what he was talking about… the history… the nuances. he was a great communicator who avoided amassing large amounts of positive public opinion, but with individuals he was a hero.. a saviour. 
he gave up God-hood to come in the form of a man. What will we give up and what form will we come in to communicate that kind of love to those who don’t think they deserve. 

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