This is NOT a shotgun.

For so much of my life I have lived life as a shotgun. Loads of bits and pieces flying unaimed towards nothing in particular. Loud. Rough. Odd.  killing anything, just leaving the deer to slowly bleed out… and no one has time for that. It could’ve just been my exhausted insomnia-ridden early 20’s, but as i enter my 30’s ive started thinking about the next 30 years, and how i want to live life more like a high powered rifle aimed at one huge prize. pulling the trigger and knowing that all it will take is that one shot to complete the mission. im even willing to learn how to shoot that gun, even if it takes all 30 years. 

Life is not a shotgun. there are moments that a shotgun works well in that situation, but ultimately life is like a beautiful boat ride, drinking tropical juice and reading the greatest of books, at the end of which you snipe a white moose ride in the face.

theres a parade at your return because that white moose was eating all our children

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