art amnesia. 

i have been waiting for a long time for a good kanye west album. the last two, in my opinion, have been rubbish, so as i got the imessage from a good friend that his new one had come out… i lowered my expectations hard.

kanye is one of those artists that split opinion with many. Either hes an arrogant dousche who was never good. Or he is an amazing artist with issues – add your own choice words to the mix and you have a colourful guy seen through conservative and not so conservative eyes. I have loved him and his antics for a long time, andnot in a “im actually going to vote for trump” kind of way, but in an art amnesia kind of way. I love his good stuff, and im concerned by his more insane behaviour. But as a producer he has few contempories. As a rapper he is solid, and as a dramatic personality he is entertaining. cut out the two rubbish albums and certain tracks from some of the other albums and you have some incredibly enjoyable music.

I have found that I do this with a lot of art. I just ignore the terrible parts and take in the bits i love and label the artist great. what artist is perfect? even picasso has his moments of “what are you doing?” (i.e his terrible pottery… cmon man… no one has time to look at your stupid pottery)

I think I sometimes have amnesia with people. There has been multiple times that a friend has stabbed me in the back and ive had the skill set available to me to not only forgive the person but make them a closer friend later on. whilst others see and magnify the negative attitudes of others i have held close a naive hopefullness for most. Sometimes even attempting to prophetically speak their potential into existence. 

as i learn a new language i am finding that the more someone affirms that im going well even when im not gives me the confidence to actually get better and work harder. i wonder what wuld happen in the lives of artists who have a terrible album or a season of making pottery if we concentrated more on the good stuff they made to give them confidence to keep going instead of booing the pottery and all albums titled “yeazus”?

 basically im just telling you to say nice things to each other. the world gets way better when we say more “i really like how you did…. such and such” or “your really great to hang out with because….” followed by hugs and hi fives.

shout out to kanye for delivering and an even bigger shout out to the inventor of tea. that stuff is great.

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