Why are we friends?

My good friend Jonathan is sleeping on my floor. He is from Sweden. He is from an island and loves the sea. I hate the ocean. I grew up inland in the mountains and currently live in a similarly inland city without mountains. He is kind of a jock. In the sense that he loves working out and being fit. I have done 20 push ups three times in my life and haven’t been in a gym since it was a mandatory part of my high school education.

I really like Jonathan. We can talk for hours about many different things. We definitely don’t agree on many things, but we agree that we enjoy each other’s conclusions and the ways that we come to those conclusions. We lived with each other for a good part of a year and he flew across an ocean to hang out with me for a few days, a fact that I am deeply honoured by.

I have a good friend Alex. He is what you could call a very good looking surfy musician type. We once went on adventures to East Timor and became really good friends. We built fires together, we played music together, we asked big questions together and I find his presence comforting and inspiring.

The man I still label as my best friend is a man that I have seen at his worst. I have traveled internationally with him. I have sat in awe as he creates and loves and entices people into life more.

Why are we friends?

Some friends we meet and instantly fall deeply in love with. I am not talking romantic love, I’m talking, friend love. And others, our friendship has to grow and mature and become something more.

Some of my siblings took a decade to become close with. Some of my longest friends are still not super intimate with me, and some of my newest friends are my better friends.

But, as I go to sleep tonight I am deeply aware of my loneliness, as I live far away from my beloved parents and siblings. I live an hour flight away from Jonathan and a day’s bus ride from my favourites in Amsterdam. But. The country I currently reside in is filled with an amazing amount of good people. And I want to become friends with many of them.

Why are you, friends? What makes you want to hang out with others?

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