it makes a little sense

i have been in america for a little over a week and it makes so much more sense being here with the people that i have done life with for so long. The independence. The passion. The guns. The strange politics. The amendments.

I have had conversations with one of my best friends as we drove through his beautiful state talking about the unique beauty of that state. one of fifty. Another conversation with a beautifully peaceful anarchist about states rights and the 10th amendment. A redneck about guns and hunting and fishing and high school. A creative about conservatism and marriage. I have attempted starting a trump chant many times with no successes. Even the coal debate in australia makes more sense now that i am here. Coal means jobs. Jobs means families. Watching Trump and hilarys acceptance speeches. it makes sense why we are here. The fear that has shot through the heart of this place, makes sense. Conservative christianity in home schools and private schools that teach of a God who does not exist makes sense. Even extremism makes sense here because the right of the individual so clearly trumps the right of the many. If i want a gun, I should get a gun, irrelevant of how my open carry of that gun effects the people around me. If i want to hate some one, i should be allowed to hate someone, irrelevant of how that hate effects the people around me. etc etc

But the positive take on this independence. this freedom, is the creation of a beautiful, culturally rich, opportunity abounding nation made up of amazingly good people making great things. I also had a conversation with a waitress who makes feature length horror films. A friend who created a performance space that encouraged an unlikely community to develop. Cafe menus that are influenceable by the customers. A moth man myth that had 15 of us walking through weaponry bunkers in the middle of the night just because. and i could go on, but i have a key board for only so long.

I love this country. I love its culture. I love where it is going. And like Australia, it too has its ‘island full of racists’ problems. But it IS great. it has always been great, and it would take a concerted effort from a large amount of people to make it not great. and those people would hopefully end up dead at the end of a smoking barrel. Am i right???

cue trump chant.

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