The land of the free. 1a

Honestly, I just want to write down my trip to America for selfish reasons, but maybe my process will entertain or help others process their own current journeys, and therefore I will make mine public.

Disclaimer: my journey to America included choices and thoughts that YOU would not have or do. That’s because they weren’t your choices, they were MINE. My choices have no bearing on any organisation i may be apart of, or any belief system i may or may not adhere to or ultimately any God i may or may not be friends with. This journey included things in it I wouldn’t choose again and thoughts that i now disagree with but hey, we were all 30 once right? So, please question my motives, but don’t let them effect how you treat each other yeah?

So…. I killed an old lady…. Just kidding. but see above.

Late August I played a music festival in Lithuania and loved it. I made some friends. I connected more Lithuanian words with their usual context. I got some sun. I slept in a tent. It was glorious. I had spent the previous 6 weeks either in other towns or with people in my room for sleep overs. I think i counted 6 nights in two months that i had my room to myself. And for an extreme extrovert it had become oddly exhausting. but at the same time i was visited by some of my best friends and heros. so thats always good.

Getting ready for America all i knew was that I was going to pack very light, and not plan much and see what happened. I have a lot of family and friends all over America and i just expected to couch surf and rock around the place.

I was in sweden for less than a week before. caught up with good people. Was involved in a wedding in a circus tent. Instantly befriended two geniuses changing the world there for good reason. And then a man I deeply respect from my home town walked in looking all well dressed. Since seeing him last he had moved to mozambique, married a swedish babe and was about to have his own baby. We instantly fell into heart-deep conversations about not knowing much but knowing we were both where we were supposed to be, but, still having to deal with strangely real loneliness. being so far away from all our close friends and family.

We walked away from the circus tent with warmed hearts knowing we wouldnt be great at staying in touch but, i was sincerly greatful for those few hours i had with him in the midst of all the crazy swedes. I then had a falling out with one of my other friends, watched the trump rally and acceptance speech, understood for the first time why so many people are fascinated with him. Got some new clothes from the give away pile including my wedding out fit. Then hung out with my favourite aussie-american couple. drank great coffee, had some amazingly intimate wisdom shared with me, and then was driven to the train at ‘early oclock’ in the morning.

Side point – I love australian men. like yeah, aussie women are great too, and very attractive. but theres something about hanging out with australian men… its just good.

So… adventure to America beginning in earnest. my first stop was London. and in 4 hours i had to get out of the airport and go to a different airport. So, i didn’t check my bags. AND i almost got stopped at security because of my two bars of swedish soap. #goodtimes The london ridiculousness went off without a hitch, but the wifi was terrible so i didnt get to play my nerdy Ingress game. instead i watched people walk past. it was fascinating.


So landing in New York i just needed to get to the big bus interchange. and two minutes after emerging from the airport it clicked. Everyone here speaks some semblance of English enough that my Australian english will get me places quickly. So instead of doing the normal Jeremy thng of figuring it out slowly and wrongly i just did the stephen randall thing and asked the nearest official looking bloke.

With directions in tow i entered the much seen in movies new york subway system. I dont know where or why i have heard “the e train” so often. but it felt oddly comfy getting on to that large train.

I had 6 hours to wander around time square and be dazzled by all the electricity. but it took about one hour before i just wanted to sleep. So i found a patch of tiled floor next to a very friendly almost retired african american prison guard (i tell you his ethnicity because i live in a city with one ethnicity. #verywhite and since landing in malmo sweden ive been giddy with my love of multiculturalism #australiaisnotwhite) and fell asleep for a little while in the first of my many weird beds for the six weeks. my new sleep friend said as i put my head on my bag “if you look out for me and i look out for you… we should be alright” he didnt need a lady, he just needed a good dog and a solid tv. he sounded like his life had been pretty great.

Later i woke to the sounds of people lining up and i boarded the funniest bus ride of my life. 6 hours longer than it needed to be (18hours), through 6 states, with one of the funnier bus drivers who kicked someone off the bus at the end for smoking in the toilet.

part 1b – west virginia, the wedding and two of my favourite people in the world. 31st birthday and all.



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