The giant road trip.

part three of Jeremy’s american adventure. see link for disclaimers and intro’s.

So, I sat in a busy cafe for two hours, journalling, listening to podcasts. Drinking an OK coffee. and in walks Ryan. Now, for those of you who do not know Ryan. I like describing him thus: His brain works 4 times faster than mine. He likes everything and knows a lot about it all. He can literally do 4 things at once. He’s friendly and generous with time and intellect. He also dresses quite well and listens to a wide array of music. I like Ryan very much, and the four day drive across america was an amazing mix of mind blowing depth in conversation and laughing deeply at funny podcasts. (see Dragon Friends.)

So me and Ryan drove to Little Rock, where we met up with Grayson and slept all together in a hotel room followed by free breakfast. Now Grayson in some aspects, is the yin to Ryans yang. When Ryan goes at 4 times the speed, Grayson does one speed better than most. Grayson is like a cloud of authentic respectfulness. He’s hilarious, he’s chill, he’s freakishly good at music and wears the comfiest of clothes. He surrounds himself with beautiful people both inside and out and does this cute giggle thing. Also, he doesn’t play pokemon but he can find a dancing seal in the darkness.

It was a comfort to my soul to be with these two amazing friends for four days.

From little rock we high tailed it to amarillo, where grayson and myself were treated to the greatest bbq of my life. Brisket, jalepeno poppers (cheese, bacon, jalepenos) beans, salads, and amazing conversation with an old friend and her family. it was wonderful. We were then taken out to a show where i watched a very good guitarist, drank texan beers, got a free shirt and met even more beautiful people. Slept on an army cot (the first of many nights for this trip) and woke up to an amazing breakfast before hitting the road again. Only to stop in the most beautiful place in America until i go to Oregon apparently. FLAGSTAFF. After miles and miles of desert and same same but different, flagstaff arrives and takes you to a beautiful mountain forest with a hot tub and disappointing chicken restaurants. i will repeat. Hot tubs rule! and so does sharing double beds because on this trip i found that I DO MOVE!! i can share a bed with anyone and everyone will sleep. unlike some older tall brothers who push the smaller brother out of bed every time. #shoutouttopete

Flagstaff to LA was an adventure through fog and traffic and more podcasts. it was brilliant. we also got some good coffees on the road, peed in a lot of ‘loves’ servos. laughed a lot. napped seldom and learned a lot from podcasts and each other.



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