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Ryan dropped me at a train station on the edge of the LA metro and i had many hours to get to the LA greyhound station for my bus north, so i thought i would go exploring a bit and see if i could surprise one of my friends, though i did not remember where she worked or if she was working, so I got off on a train station that sounded vaguely familiar. As i stepped out into old pasadena i instantly internally started a tally of how many buildings here i could draw. Walking past one of the better ones I messaged my friend a picture and “What is this?” genuinely wanting to know what it was… it looked like a fancy building.

i got a message back like “woah what?? i thought for a minute you were here and almost fell over in shock. Thats the pasadena town hall” (and later i would find out it was the building they used for the opening titles of parks and recreation)

i sent back “yeah i am… i just walked past it”

haha. so we hung out in a target and sat in a park and take to a sweet old lady and then in a different park and then i I got back on the train to walk through a dangerous part of town in the night so i could sleep in a bus station, then a bus.

I arrived in sacramento with no plans or clues So i just started walking and found myself in a sweet cafe. A little sweaty, very tired, but determined to draw a bit whilst waiting for Bo.

The next few days were a combination of deep sleep, drawing, netflix watching and life affirming conversation with two my favourites. I got a tour of bo and lettas business, and tour through some American fast food choices and then talked to an american businessman who has lived in Japan for most of his life. fascinating dude. I saw michelle and take like we have never parted ways and then got picked up by the great osama to be driven back to LA.

Osama and I spoke almost non stop the whole way except for some Kanye interludes and my first fast food favourite – carls jnr.

Osama dropped me at my first couch surf spot, which began three of the most terrifying days of my life. after not having panic attacks since leaving Australian summer last year I had multiples. One because of a giant book shop. HAHAHA

2 thoughts on “Sacramento

    1. It was crazy. I was terrified by the city and walked into this beautiful book shop and my body couldn’t handle it and I started not being able to breathe properly. Haha.

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