The Giant.

He was just doing his normal job, on a normal day.

He had heard of angels, of the ominous meetings with them and their kind. He never really wanted to experience it, but, he did have some questions that may be answered by such a meeting.

Lighting candle after candle he began to get a bit sweaty. He always wondered if he was the only priest in the entire world that got sweaty. Like he was the loser of all human kind that would feel this way. He imagined his wife laughing. That cute deep giggle she only did when almost out of control. She’d make a good mum. But that would never happen and he never knew why.

He felt it first in the hairs on his neck. They usually spoke the truth but he knew he was in that room alone. No one would dare come in now. He didn’t want to swing around like a mad man, so playing it as cool as he could he slowly turned…. his attempts at coolness failed. In his peripheral vision he saw a giant. Not only by size but also by essence. And before getting the form in full view he was floored by a deep sense of terror.

Like spiders were crawling in his mouth and all over his face whilst he drowned in the blood of all his friends and family. He went foetal on the ground groaning in pain but also in strange awe-like wonder, like all of eternity rested on his lips and one word could create chaos or paradise.

His eyes opened and his body felt numb, but he was standing. In front of. A lion. A bear. A man. A ghost. A giant. His senses couldn’t tell at all what it was. All he knew was one wrong move and he would be obliterated into pieces numbering as many as the stars in the unseeable skies.

The figure opened its mouth and with a tone so beautiful, so mesmerising it said ‘Do not fear me. I have heard your desires. That which you speak quietly to no one in particular. Those deep secrets that you have given up hoping for. I am here to tell you that your son will be born.’

His body refused to compute what it just heard. Like that moment a baby refuses to admit defeat to sleep, he lashed out. He made a weird noise and then collapsed and loudly wept. How did this giant manipulate his feelings so quickly? How did he feel fear, belonging, happiness, despair and comfort all in one moment. Like opening a coke can and hearing that fizz his weeping stopped. and Silence. They watched each other for a few moments.

Defiantly standing and staring he said to the figure… “Prove it. PROVE IT!!! I’ve waited for this for my whole life and you think you can come into my temple and tell me…” The giant broke him off with laughter “YOUR TEMPLE??? hahahahahaha. I’ll prove it. You won’t speak until you hold your boy in your arms” and the giant disappeared.

It was so odd that the man questioned his sanity for a second. Did he just hallucinate? He felt his eyes. Wet. He tried to yell. Silence. He tried again. Nothing. He went on autopilot and finished his job. And as he left the room his work friends looked worried. He was 4 hours late in finishing. Very odd.

He walked home. To gather his thoughts. He wasn’t sure how his wife would react to him not having a voice and how he would explain the giant and the son they were about to have. They’d have to work some things out.



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