There was a period of my life wherein I was doing shift work, playing in a few bands, trying to be involved in a youth ministry, dating a girl on the other side of the city and living in a very social house. I am not a great sleeper at the best times but, sometimes i enter the uncomfortable zone of insomnia. So my life cycles were, go to work at 12am, sleep from 7am-12pm. do a bunch of stuff during the day, plan on sleeping in the night, fail at sleeping in the night, return to work at 12am. and sometimes i wouldn’t sleep so much during the 7-12 part, so i was drinking a lot of coffee, a lot of red bull, eating a ton of mi gorang (two minute noodles with a specific sauce) i was not playing sport, i was not getting outside so much. and then to combat the insomnia, I would play computer games until i couldn’t anymore and then fall into bed, or there was a period that i would just drink alcohol until I would black out and unwisely chalk that up to “sleeping”

So… I was taking in a ton of poison-level liquids and sugars, not sleeping, and my body began to shake and hallucinate at the strangest of times. My emotional capacity swung from bitter anger to numb coldness. It wasn’t good.

Fast forward ten years and I had moved to a new city, in a country i had not many friends in, couldn’t speak the language, didn’t understand the public transport system so I was walking every where. I was drinking mostly water, eating mainly soups that i made of vegetables and good stuff and i was sleeping longer than i had in a long time. Everything i was putting in my body was super good for me, and i felt awesome.

What we put in ourselves effects what we can do, how we think and how we dream. Its the same with media. I once read 2/3rds of the walking dead comic (zombies and such) in about two weeks. It was awesome. the character development, the relationships and tension of community under fire. But at a black and white comic, I was focused on the story and not the blood and guts of zombies. But when i watched the tv series i had re-sensitised myself to the point at which i couldn’t watch the 3rd season of the walking dead because it hurt inside to watch all that violence. I can only listen to so much NWA era hip hop. I can only listen to so much black metal and top 40 pop before i want to react to the music in a negative way. We are influenced by what we take in.

So when it comes to how intimate we can become with the creator of existence, it doesn’t change. If we never talk, if we never listen, if we never learn about, if we never interact with the ultimate reality, the lover of our souls, the saviour of giver of life forever… If our relationship with the Son of man is a drink of water. Is our water clean and refreshing, or is our water, dirty, poisonous or bitter?

Does it have a nice citrous after taste? or what?

This week I decided to start drink more intentionally. More intimately. I’m convinced that i need conversations, interactions. To make my drinking more tangible. Maybe even go have a snow fight. Because the water could also be frozen and added to things in the form of ice cubes.

What are you drinking?

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