I used to work in an open plan office. for three hours in the morning I would drink tea/ coffee, answer emails, ring people internationally on the telephone, Facebook future students and occasionally have meetings. To stay awake and alert I decided to start a competition with our directors PA Jess to see how much water we could both drink in a day. Jess, like me, can become very competitive, so for a week we would constantly walk past each others desk, trash talking the other whilst shaking our full or empty bottles quoting how many litres we had drunk. This of course was paired with constant toilet visits because bodies can only take so much water.

I felt more alert, more refreshed, more productive than I had in a long time. But when I think about the other times I tried to drink a good amount of water, I never hit that competitive stride, I never was pushed into remembering to keep drinking water. Even when I have a water bottle next to me, its so easy to forget to stay hydrated.

My brain is well refreshed through reading and journaling. It allows my thoughts to be seen on paper and to be sifted through. Words excite me. Stories excite me. So the more I am learning through words and ideas the better my whole life is. I decided early on in my time in Newcastle (thanks to one Chad Smith), to wake up early and read and journal. But, at first this was quite hard. Beds are warm. Dinning Rooms are cold. Mornings are hard for reading in. But out of the blue, my Kiwi room mate decided that he to, wanted to wake up early and read and journal. So for almost 2 years straight, we both woke up at 5am, danced a little, showered, ate breakfast and then read and journaled for two hours. Whenever I woke up not feeling great, he was already up, pulling me out of bed to dance to our strangely groovin alarm song. and vice verse.

I felt more excited about life. I felt more equipped for the day, more at peace with the world because I had two hours sitting next to someone encouraging me to live like I needed to.

Now yes, I can easily be described as an extreme extravert. But, we are a communal beast. Some of us get the most refreshment on our own, and that is wonderful. Others of us get more refreshment in a large group of strangers. But when we are refreshed, we also accomplish a lot more, most of the time, together. Rehydrating our souls can sometimes be an effort. Coffee is much more tastier than some tap waters. But water, in the long run, gives our bodies the natural fuel it needs to function.

How do you get rehydrated? And who do you need to super charge that hydration with?

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