IKEA changes lives.

For the last year I have regularly made large meals to feed me most of a week every week. These meals usually include peeling a good amount of vegetables, or buckets of apples to stew for breakfasts. All of this peeling was made with one of the least practical peelers ever, because I kept forgetting that IKEA existed.

So, today I finally got on a bus and went shopping for, among other important things, a more practical peeler. I walked through the comforting aisles of IKEA. Picked up some useful things, and came across a simple peeler. metal, a little bit ergonomic. But, in that moment there was no heavenly angels singing, no rainbow explosions of inspiration. i just threw it in the trolley which stored all our jackets.

When I returned home, I decided to cook a curry for a friend and I, and a part of the prep was peeling carrots and potatoes. I got very excited to use my new tool, and after violently ripping apart the oddly secure packaging with a sharp knife, I got to work at de skinning my vegetables.

It was a dream. It was smooth. It was fast. It was fun. It was easy. This tiny, new, and better designed chunk of sharpened metal made my road to eating quick and much more fun.

In life we sometimes have goals or dreams that we attempt to attain using terrible tools and ideas. Some of the these tools and ideas still get us to the place we are going… just way more slower and more frustratingly. But just think…. You too could be sailing towards dinner with a joyful kick in your step after shaving a potatoes skin and beard much faster, if you only got a newer, better tool from IKEA.

So my less parabolic questions are….

Where are you trying to get to? Can you almost taste the success of that goal?

What are you using to get to that place and could you replace it?

AND if you can replace it, where will you get your replacement from and do you need me to ride the bus with you? And if we go early enough we could get two euro breakfast!!!!! So why wouldn’t we???

But serious. Your dreams are worth chasing. Why chase them with a blunt instrument?

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