Today in Lithuania was International Women’s Day. A celebration I have never been apart of. But it made me want to sit down and think about all the women that I love and respect and miss. I’m from a family of six. Three boys. Three girls.

My mother taught me about theatrics. How being a little funny and strange can get peoples attention and give you space to either comfort, entertain, educate or have a lot of fun with people and make a lot of strange and good friends. She is the best comforter I know. She taught me how to sing to animals but also, why its important to defend those that don’t have a voice because people are worth a lot.

My elder sister taught me how to imagine. Our parents taught us all how to read widely and put fun and different worlds into our heads, but Claire helped me drag those things out into the real world. Making cubby house worlds in our lounge-room. Drawing, telling stories. She also was the first person to teach me how to say sorry and forgive. I don’t even remember the context, I just remember the look on her face. And now that she is a teacher and a mother of two she continues to teach me through them about imagination and creativity and how to laugh.

My youngest sister is one of the smartest and most convicted people I know. She taught me how to argue the point passionately. I’m nowhere near as good as her, but she continues to teach me what to fight for and what to leave. She taught me about adventure growing up and widened my musical tastes by going the opposite direction to me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being brother and son to these three women.

In amongst life I have been surrounded by so many great women. Women that have entered my life for days and rearranged how I saw something completely, as well as women who won’t leave me alone, and won’t let me stop learning from them. I love you all. I hope you were honoured today as all days. May all of you have forehead kisses.



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