The chocolate river

A man builds a house next to a river. Its a beautiful house and a beautiful river. The water is fresh and cold. The sun is warm. The trees are perfect for sitting in and reading. The man loves drinking from the river. It keeps him well hydrated. He eats fish from it. He sails his boat on it. He has every thing he could ever want.

Slowly, someone upstream adds chocolate to the river. At first the man enjoys this new flavour. Its a little sweet. A little special. And the more chocolate added, the tastier it gets for the man. But slowly the fish begin to die or swim away from the mans haven. Slowly the sugar content in the water gives the man fake energy, leading to diabetes and an early death. The more chocolate added, the slower the water flows. Until even sailing his boat is slowed by the gathering quagmire of chocolatey mud. It is very tasty. But not really what the man wants or needs from a fresh water source.

Tho tasty. The man dies. As he tries to consume sun melted chocolate as a one to one substitute for water. The chocolate was good. But not good for a body that relies on water.

We know what we need. We usually even know what we need to attain our most outlandish goals, but still we continue ladling almost solid chocolate into our water bottles before a long hike along the chocolate river. We know we should go find another water source, or figure out early why there is chocolate in the water to begin with. But its just so much easier, sitting in a poisoned and slowly dying paradise than to go find the paradise of forever, where no one dies and everyone dances joyfully.

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