Perhaps disorder is better than apathy.

A giant wave devastates a heavily populated beachfront area and in the confusion of the aftermath, a government stands by idly, not really caring what happened to the peoples whose lives had just been crushed. A business man decides to profit off the confusing and makes some not so legal deals and buys up a lot of the waterfront property, cleans up the space, builds large resorts and opens to a busy tourist season a little later. He hires locals, the tourists inject a ton of money into the local economy, and although many people have had their homes taken away from them…. Perhaps disorder is better than apathy.

A kid stands up in the middle of the class and contradicts the teacher, embarrassing the teacher, making it hard for him to continue teaching. Instead of meeting the student and dialoguing a little, he carelessly sends the student to the principles office. The students revolt and tie the teacher to a chair, taking over the teaching of the class. The teacher learns a lot about his students and where they are at and changes his entire curriculum for the remainder of the school year….. Perhaps disorder is better than apathy.

Jesus Christ called for peace and selfless acts of sacrifice for the betterment of others. A culture decides that certain humans are less valuable to the human race and ridicules, oppresses, makes life almost impossible for these people. Some of the community knew it was wrong that this would happen, but, knew that if they sided with the oppressed, they to would be oppressed. Others in the community knew that, but decided to go on a mass killing spree of all of those that would label anyone worthless. The community changed a little after that…… Perhaps disorder is better than apathy.

The pastor has said the same unhelpful message from the pulpit for the last twenty years. So one Sunday an old grandmother rushes the pulpit. Rips it from the floor and throws it on the ground. She grabs the pastors ear and drags him outside to where beggars sit every week. “What do they need huh? Another snooze fest sermon?”…… Perhaps disorder is better than apathy.

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2 thoughts on “Perhaps disorder is better than apathy.

  1. I’ll be chewing on this for a while…how action, even if it’s not the “best” action, is better than doing nothing at all.

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