The blueprint. The mystery.

“We seek and we pray for our return to that time when, being united, we spoke the same things and there was no schism between us.”- Mark of Ephesus

“Jesus became what we are that He might make us what he is.” – Athanasius

The trinity. Three in one. The liquid, the solid, the gas. The soundtrack, the backdrop, the actors. The mystery, the known, the unknown. The tangible. We have been given the perfect blueprint of relationship. Three unique individuals, to committed, so in love, so communal, so involved in one another, that they are one. But three. Flesh, spirit, everything. And as a unit, a family, a team. They fully, legally and eternally adopt us into this oneness. As we were created for, and ran from, and now redeemed into – the triune community.

From the beginning, this was their intention. The adoption, the inheriting of everything, the selfless love, the togetherness. On earth. Just like it is at their house. But history repeats itself. History goes up and down up and down. “Oh yeah… I remember!!! I was supposed to be like them!. Ok” A few weeks later we hide in the bushes again. Alone. Shamed. Vengeful out of spite. “You never really loved me!! You are awful!!” We shake our fists at the sky. We offend each other. We start conflicts we didn’t need to start. We orphan ourselves and try run from our legally adoptive Dad. Repeat. Then the corporate unit. The representatives of the adoptive community start to fight.

We need to wear green all the time. Well… our Dad never wore green. Yeah but he meant to wear green… they just ran out of dye at the time. Well I think he had a beard. Nah he was a lady. You have to take off your shoes while sing. NO YOU take off your shoes. Only you must do it. Well… I’m taking my football and going to play in the OTHER park… with out YOU!! Well… I HATE football. And so does my Dad. Well GOOD. cause your Dads a drunk!

Round and a round. Forgetting the blue print. Forgetting the adoption. Forgetting the centuries of experience that humanity has had in and around the blueprint of love and relationship.

And some would argue its a mystery. That our creator. Our redemptive father is unknowable and un findable. or… every road leads to him so it doesn’t really matter. But the thing is.. He MADE himself known. He became us. A touchable, knowable man. In the garden he walked with us. He spoke with us. Any mystery that God keeps for his inner circle is not to frustrated us, but to excite us. Like the last level of guitar hero that you could never complete. Or that skate trick that never stuck. We are enthused by mystery. But we are also comforted and convicted but the incredible knowability of our saviour. We can know and we need to know all about his tangible love. All about his saving grace. All about the awe and the holiness that his bulk carries that he has given to us to inherit. to walk in.

Our blueprint is seeable, experienceable, feelable and has been for literal Millenia.  We have been given the ability to relabel culture and create new things and enjoy different flavours and colours of His creation. But that never changes the blueprint. We can repaint the walls, we can redesign some windows and put up different art in the kitchen. But that doesn’t ever change the blueprint. The spiritual and communal blueprint of a loving unit made up of more than one unique persons, driven by the same love, in a different intractable substance. Flesh. Spirit. and everything.

If worship is the most intimate we can be with God, than we need to spend much time on our knees. If joining in the plan of salvation and catalyst redeemers, then lets build our lives on the blueprint. And the blue print begins in the adoption into a loving family. Free.

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