A side track to an early morning blog about “gender”Found here. )

Lets imagine for a minute, that when a baby is born, it is put in a colourless sack. And for ten years it gets to wear white, grey or black. It has a neutral name, like… Yurtl. It is biologically a certain way, equipment wise. And therefore is informed of what it needs to know to stay healthy and how everything works. It is taught about how life comes into the world. But technology has also gotten to a place where, Babies can be created outside of the human body. That bodies can be changed in any way desired. Bigger, smaller, blue, orange, wings, two arms. Etc.

The triune community still craves intimacy, unity, community, harmony and love. So what of a green winged non genital having person romantically partnering with a multiple genital having, yellow, four armed person? God still wants harmony. And as both figures have decided to create 7 babies outside of the human body, and have also decided to love and raise those 7 babies well…. Lets imagine they do so very well and raise a tribe of lovely humans. Humans that selflessly love others, and build community into places that there formally was none.

I believe Gods ultimate goal with humanity was to create more life. More harmony, more goodness. I believe that love progresses through culture. As God has given us the permission to label culture, and decide what we want. Even when we choose wrongly, God will still work through the community and love that we show in the midst of those less-than perfect creations.

I still know very little about sex and gender. But the poem at the start of the bible seems to point at God creating biological gender for unity sake. So that we needed to come together to create community. If we continue to come together to create community as opposed to fighting for division… we should be ok right?

If I like blue, its only “masculine” because our agreed culture decided that. Blue is just a colour, that has nothing to do with my downstairs parts. If I like knitting and cooking, its only “feminine” because our culture went through a large season of “women” being the main cooks and knitters. But these words are irrelevant. They don’t have to exist. We can choose other things. We have been given the freedom to do that. And lets say in two decades doctors can, for whatever reason, give me a uterus to make babies in. Then I get to choose to make babies. Preferably in partnership with someone else. Because THAT, I think, is Gods preference. That we, like He, create out of community.

Our world currently doesn’t create out of committed community. Or just doesn’t create at all. So could the problem be more about how we create and commit to and less about whats between the legs of the people who are creating? Especially if soon we can grow wings?

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