Rocks in the soil.

Walking out to a field in his backyard I was shown rabbits, a chicken house, a greenhouse (šiltnamis -warm house), a seat for watching the sunset (which we did whilst it rained later that day) and stretching out almost as far as the eye could see, was wheat. In between it all was a strawberry patch cutely named the Mexican garden because of how it was elevated above the rest of the back yard. We quickly feasted on all strawberries we could find including the cute mini ones.

As I was being told about the dreams of the area, my friend pointed out the tractor trail through the middle. It was filled with rocks and was hard. Attempts were being made to grow grass in it, but the understanding was, that to do it properly one would need to take out the hundred or so rocks and start from scratch. And that’s when these thoughts came to mind.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a garden I love to show off to people with rocks embedded throughout the middle stopping me from growing luscious grass like i would like to. If I wanted to grow the grass I really need to work on some things. I really need to get rid of rocks that have been in there for so long. and sure, I can use the rocks in the field for a road, or for art, or for other things, but if I really want the grass I need to change things.

Like in our families and relationships, we have these rocks. And they will stay there forever if we don’t attempt to move them.

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