Source Sorting

In amongst the brown cheese and the ‘at first’ unfriendliness the Norwegian language has already taught me a lot of cool things, mainly because an Australian explained concepts in the Norwegian way last week.

When recycling in my old house in Canberra there were two bins, the paper, glass and plastic yellow topped bin, and the ‘other’ bin, for everything from clothes to food to concrete. We were not good at recycling.

In Scandinavia when you recycle there a literally a billion different bins. Glass, different types of plastics, food stuffs, papers, concrete etc. Looking for its source. In Australia its more like ‘what can be recycled’ here its almost like, ‘figure out its source and put them all together and we will figure out if it is recyclable laters.’

and its that part of this week I loved the most. Theres a Norwegian word for ‘source sorting’ (and yeop… i’ve forgotten what it is #great)

Source sorting in recycling is helpful because it makes the recycling process easier and more effective. Source sorting in our ideas and beliefs makes our lives easier and more effective. If we see reality a certain way and its false, or if we believe a lie about ourselves or others….. our lives choked up and get sludgy.


If i believe that I am an idiot, a dumb and stupid, unable to learn idiot, then I won’t learn. I won’t develop in most areas. Which has consequences in life further a field then just feeling sad sometimes. But sorting the source can destroy it completely. Looking back into school when one teacher told you that you were stupid, and then over hearing someone say the same and then proving it to yourself with one low test score because you didnt study because you thought you were dumb…. and around it goes. But sorting that source, looking into the history and why you think that. Then figuring out that you are not stupid because someone said. You may not be a genius math scientist, but you could be a genius at making things out of wood, or langauges, or….

If I believe that Asians are less valuable than all other races. Then if I find myself working with Asians, or leading Asians, or one of my kids marries an Asian… this makes life quite awkward, and when one sorts the source of this belief, its founded in some conflict we had nothing to do with. Maybe a grandad or a best friend had a fight with one person of Oriental decent. We don’t have to believe that lie because one, its not our lie to believe in the first place… its someone elses and two. ITS A LIE.

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