The Crap Happens manifesto.

Ok C’est la vie. Or the famous shirts the have a swear word and then happens on them. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and it sums up both reality, and the humanist agenda. But it also simply explains how things function, and if they function like that and we treat them as they should be treated, life changes. But if we ignore truths that are obvious to even the lay person of living experience, then we increase and multiply afore mentioned crap.

The reality is, that evil exists. Evil happens. Evil is not an accident, it is a focused war waged by an enemy, separate from us and using us against each other. This war can echo through out legacy and family lines, through geographical location, through little things and gigantic big things. Crap happens.

disclaimer – I realise that some people in the world are offended by certain words, crap being one of them, but i choose the word crap to use, because the four letter S word is too offensive and like the word ‘poop’ has mainly effluent connotations, where as the word “crap” holds with it those connotations, but also rubbish, or dodgy, or misused, or broken ideals.

Crap happens, so be a crap helmet for others. Most crap is just when people respond badly to it happening to them. Be a crap protector for others.

Crap happens, especially when you don’t think it happens. Imagine pooping the bed and not knowing and rolling around it in it for a while.

Crap happens, so eat your vegetables and more fibre, and drink more water, because then when the crap happens its less painful.

Crap happens, so find an appropriate vestibule for it to go in.

Crap happens, so try make it more fun, give it time.

Crap happens, so wipe properly.

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