The tension. A

My whole life and your life too has been filled with tension. From birth until the age of 12 I shared a room with my brother. We wrestled, we read books, we played lego, but mostly our room was for sleeping. For a few years, a shared a room with one of my best friends luke.  We never argued. We made rules to help the other not go insane, but we were very polite about it. there was tension in that house but I am still very good friends with all occupants.

I moved to a house of 50-100 people. There were moments of “Wow… I wish that didn’t happen” But on the whole, I learned through tension more about myself than any disregard for others. I have travelled to a few different countries with other people, filled with tension, and yet I have learned more about ME than any disregard of others.

I love tension. I currently live in a room by myself and the only tension i have is when me and my housemate want to make breakfast at the same time, but that is always fun because it makes space and time for us to talk about life. He being quite a genius so it always ends up great.

I am learning a hard language… and I’m not doing great at it, so there are moments in my lessons when my teacher will ask something and I’ll get super emo… but she notices and changes the lessons to catch me up. The tension is resolved with wisdom.

I chat through skype a lot and Australia has dumb internet so… there are delays but the tensions created by the delays is resolved by the friendships… the solid friendship held like glue through the pixels.

Humanity NEEDS tension. It is a discomfort that teaches us so much good stuff.

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