Genesis opener.

I don’t know about you, but I have come to believe that the first two chapters of Genesis are a poetic account of what the Jews of the time of writing had told themselves had happened during the creation of the world. It is a beautiful poetic scene of an interested creator, making things, to make things.

He made the physical earth in such a way that animals would continue creating more of themselves, more life, more beauty, more uniqueness. He made the different seasons to continue and give a baseboard for all the creations creativity. He made mankind, who then was given language to be able to label all of creation – the building blocks of creating culture. And he gave mankind a similar creative authority to create other versions of them as well.

As far as I can see, the original tellers, writers, hearers, readers of this poetic account of Gods creative endeavours never intended it as a science textbook. So all the numbers and specifics are kind of irrelevant. I think the clear understanding that death existed and was aimed at being destroyed by the life and fruitfulness God mandated is very important, and the freedom to create to that end is the highlighted passage of the account.

As one meditates on the account, it shows Gods desire to be intimate with humanity, his love of life and love, his insane attention to detail and his own rhythms shown through his working and resting.

As a beginning of scripture, the Genesis account rolls out to us a blueprint of Gods desire, and humanities former and current reactions to the Godhead and to the blueprint itself.

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