Esther Two

After big strong angry king, stops being so angry – and wondering if he was less drunk – he decides to choose another queen. So he sends out young dudes that stand around him occasionally, (either in fear or jealousy or both) to find young virgins and then soak them in moisturiser and make up for a bit. So, an argue could be put forth that, the young dudes didn’t really have to look far if the girl would be covered anyway in a light film of moisturiser and make up, but…. In the search, our heroine is found. Esther. Orphan. Refugee. Jew.

Her adoptive fathers plan is to keep her blood lines a secret. And knowing her penchant for winning grace and favour with everyone she meets, maybe she would gain influence in the kingdom and return his people to their homelands. The classic plot to every Jewish fire side story.

Fast forward through the moisturiser bath and we have the king head over heals for Esther. He throws feasts, he cuts taxes and he places the crown on her head. But he still couldn’t befriend the entirety of his populace, so there were grumblings and plans made to assassinate him.

Esthers uncle overhears some of the plotting, reports it to the king, the king hands the plotters and the entire episode is written into the high fantasy novel of Persian history, to be read over by the king at a later date.

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