Paper, Logic, Plans

On paper, in logic, and by the initial plans, the cow should have been bought. The milk sold at market. And the grand kids poured out like a waterfall on a strange drought stricken land.
And as one begins running a weird marathon, lead by the voices in ones head, the cow, the milk, the market and even the farm house are forgotten about.
With great reason. With passionate vision, one didn’t and will not want the farm house. The farm house stands for stability but also chains and ropes to lands one may want to leave in the future.

On paper, in logic, and by initial plans, the safe, the comfortable, the similar would have been found. Like everyone else does. Through the use of a magical halo surrounding one with… or pointing with a giant arrow…. but… honestly, those are the boring, the silent, the refused. But outside of that rule set… the crazy, the interesting, those that smell nice… these are those that must not be stayed with.

On paper, in logic, and by initial plans, the message, the training, makes one satiated. And therefore… who needs the cow, the plan, the safety? If one just dies, why not just go at it hard. Take a ton of cocaine and achieve the greatness that one could have found. Not to be relegated to an always changing and never attainable ideology? Why overestimate humanity when one could estimate them rightly – a bunch of failures not even attempting to succeed? A bunch of sad cases curious why you laugh at everything?

Why “getting off the grid” is received with scorn, when ultimately. nothing would be better. In a world of satiated selfish scared carbon copied “creatives”, why wouldn’t a bunker be the best bastion of beleaguered life for the masses?

Its weird when one returns to the cycle of always wanting sleep, but not knowing how to stop staying awake. Always wanting intimacy but refusing to stop swiping. Always wanting to travel, but never booking flights. Always wanting tattoos but not deciding what one wants to put on ones body for the rest of the 80 years you have this skin.

Will this passport find an expiry date, or will stress be my pillow for the interim? iš naujo vėl. And possibly the fresh from the history of repeated failures.


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