The hill

If faith is a hill, then knowing exactly what is the “truth” and building a wall around that hill. and defending that hill with weapons. how many people can join us on that hill? 

if faith is that hill, but we dont build a wall around it and we yell at people to come to the hill because its safest on the hill. still, not everyone can hear us from the hill. some dont even like hills. and yes jesus died on a hill, but he didnt die on the hill for the hills sake. 

if we go to the four corners of the earth dying on crosses for others in their houses, in their streets, in their language and their context. people will quickly understand that jesus isnt some text that we have to agree with. he is a person that we get to be friends with. loved by and inspired by to do great things for other people. 

i think doubt is healthy and wonderful because i think instead of drawing us away from God, it allows us to be led by god to love more authentically. 

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