Further Reading

There is nothing new under the sun. My thoughts are just reorganised thoughts of others, so i will be posting many things here that i have read and been greatly effected by.

Following Jesus (Dave Roberts)

one of the first books i ever read that had me get excited about the idea of Jesus.

– (http://www.amazon.com/Following-Jesus-Non-Religious-Guidebook-Spiritually/dp/0972927638)


The Vision/red moon rising – Pete Grieg

A man that i lived with in the end of high school handed me a book which contained a poem called the the vision. It is an epic poem of inspiring and prophetic words and pictures. I read it and instantly wanted more.

(poem – http://journal.plasticmind.com/savior/the-vision/)

He and his family and close knit friends decided to pray more and open up 24 hour prayer rooms all over london. It exploded into some amazing and God inspired activity. The book red moon rising is the account of it starting up.

God is for us

Parable of the dancing God

Both books are written by C. Baxter Krueger. One he looks into Gods father heart through whats usually referred to as the parable of the lost son. In the other book he discussed how, whenever you look at God, and whatever you see him do he is for us. There is nothing he does outside of that goal of being FOR us.

Everything is spiritual/the gods must be angry – ROB BELL

Rob Bell takes us on journeys. In spiritual he takes us through a physiological adventure through how God made the planet, what keeps it together, but always in a way that can be understood.

The Gods must be angry discusses how humanity has always viewed Gods and the consequences of seeing God in certain ways.

both are dvds and both are amazing in that it makes you think in epic ways.


Jesus wants to save christians – rob bell and don golden

jesus for president – shane claiborne

the two books in their own way discusses empire and the church and if we are called out of empire and what that could look like.


three cups of tea / Stones into schools

Knowledge of the holy

Pagan Christianity

wisdom of whores

wizard of oz


animal farm

the communist manifesto


africa –

love thy neighbour

kingdom of fear/ hells angels.

the shack


heaven and hell

shake hands witht he devil

the end of poverty

aid and other dirty business

food inc/fast food nation

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