From Before Time. (draft)

I believe that Jesus was going to come to earth irrelevant of our sin.
I believe before time God decided to create us, to adopt us into his community family (father son holy spirit) and to do that, he needed Jesus to become one of us, so that we could be adopted, because we cant be adopted into a god family because we are not Gods, so Jesus needed to be the bridge between God and man. a god man.

So, if we had not sinned, there would be no death, and i believe christ would have come to earth and lived with us forever.

BUT, satan influenced adam and eve to bring death here.
So death ravages our bodies and earth because we decided to not trust God.
So now, to be adopted into the trinity, jesus had to become us and with that he also had to have the same body that is ravaged by death, and therefore have death a part of his experience.

So, i also believe that Christ wasn’t necessarily destined to die a bloody cross death. But he was destined to die because within dying he reversed Adams curse on humanity, he has defeated death, he has taken death on himself and therefore it now doesn’t exist for those who believe that he did that. now that could sound crazy because me and you will defs die at some stage. but if we acknowledge christs victory, we will never die. We will always exist with the father.

BUT, because jesus came into a world of destruction, domination, pride, selfishness – his message of love and self sacrifice rubbed the wrong people the wrong ways and ended up with him in the cross. Now if the romans had been chinese his death would have looked different. if the romans were aztecs, they would look different, but the romans chose crucifixion.

So when we talk about Jesus dying for our sins – Jesus rose from the death for our sins, jesus lived for our sins, jesus gave up his heavenly mantle and took on a mans body (forever, for when he rose he stayed in human form) and will now be the same as us forever. as a god man.

So the guys who were all “we are going to kill you” was a choice they made. They killed the son of God. They reacted to the truth badly and attempted to destroy truth (most probs fueled by the devils hatred of God, but chose nonetheless)

Christ chose to come to earth as a man,
Christ chose to obey God in EVERY circumstance which led him to rub the wrong people the wrong ways with love.
Christ chose to go to the cross.

One of the tatts i want is of jesus ripping himself off the cross and behind him is a billion angels.
theres an old hymn that says – “he could’ve called ten thousand angels, but he died alone, for you and me”

Christ had the power in him to destroy everything with a flood. but he promised never to do that again.
He had the power to fly off the cross and run away to jamaica, but he CHOSE to love. He chose to take on our body and defeat death so that we could be adopted fully by the trinity.

does that make sense?

Everything is relational.

Perfect relationship created perfect relationship and fought for relationship when it was broken.

This perfect and holy relationship is created for purpose, both for the purpose of love, but through that love a rescue plan to the unloved and deceived.

Relationship was also broken with spiritual beings, so the rescue plan is also extended to the deceiving hosts of Lucifer, so as to bring all of existence throughout eternity into proper and blessed community with the creator of said community who is both one and three.

Like an illustrious spiritually animated water that is both ice, gas and liquid, God the father is CEO, God the son – the doer and the prover of such love in the physical sense and God the spirit who empowers and amplifys love and rescue.

Such a God is not to be fully grasped by the created, tho such creations can watch Jesus the created creator in human flesh to understand what needs to be understood for love.

We partner in this existence here on a physical plane. Not simply waiting till we leave to the heavenly realms to receive our holy – relational perfect treasure. To bring such a heavenly kingdom to earth.

And we are weak but He is strong,

We are distract-able but he is focused in His love to the point of donning a helmet of battle he never desired to don to become the lord of hosts who broke lies and deception to kill and destroy the destroyer to carry off a booty of crying children.


We are loved. We are loved, we are loved.



Like we know fire – it is hot, it can engulf houses, it can destroy – but if treated correctly can cook and warm and entertain and comfort. The fear of the lord is a knowledge of God as he is. He is powerful, strong and relationally perfect – holy, set apart in the trinity’s one and three united community. When we fear nothing but the Lord, then we fear nothing – for perfect love casts out fear. We desire and fight for the gentle and life giving destruction of the dead parts of our souls and invite the spirit to run us through the race towards perfection. We walk in the fear of the lord as a life style – getting closer to the end with every step of loving respect. Because we want to be the best us we can for we have been made so well. Recognition of the God of our forefathers as he is. Who can destroy us but like fire would prefer to warm us.

4 thoughts on “Creeds

  1. So why do you think Christ would have come anyway, just curious as to where you are referencing that from 🙂

    1. eph 1 :3-7 talks about how before time began we were destined to be adopted. how were we to be adopted without a jesus entering our experience. the adoption premise is also explored in first peter a bit as well as in how jesus represents god a whole bunch.

      If jesus was a plan b God, then god either failed or is double minded. christ on the cross wasn’t to change God, it was the change humans. God didnt need to change, he is always good, always loving, always has a heart FOR us. Jesus needed to change us from not adopted to adopted. His death came because adam had brought death to world, christ was turning that on its head and brought life to world. whole bunch of that stuff in romans and hebrews i think.

  2. I love reading your stuff. You would have thoroughly enjoyed the conversation that Live’ his mom and I had today as we were driving around. We were talking about how death was already in existence prior to Adam and Eve sinning, because sin was already in existence through Satan, so to have eternal life in the garden Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life, but when they were cast out of the garden God put an Angel there so they could no longer have physical eternal life, etc etc anyway I think it would have been a conversation you would have enjoyed.

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