A beginning..

and this brings us to the word of the day


there will always be someone BETTER then us. there will always be that guy who has played for longer, or been to uni longer or has made more then us or is funnier then us. and thats awesome because then theres always things to learn, we are never the best and we can always act out of humility. Comparative thinking is from satan.

rewind any where from 6000 to 72 billion years ago and you find God in a garden with a chick called eve and a guy called adam. You find them in paradise. no meat or bread or soda or overly sugared products. just good food, good company with the lord and a babe-in “life partner”. And you find them being told something – please enjoy all you see, enjoy the trees enjoy the animals enjoy the natural jacuzzi i put in. enjoy each other and hang out with me because i enjoy you and ive created all this so i can hang out with you. but because i want to be in relationship with you, open vulnerable honest relationship i have given you everything. everything at your disposal. So ive even given you a tree that will allow you to live forever with me, and ive even given you a tree that will allow you to know the things i know. the bad things that hurt, the uncomfy things, and the things that will make you second guess yourself and compare yourself and know what best and whats not. and invite you, i strongly suggest that you dont eat of that tree because i love you and im trust worthy. feel free to build a fence around it so you cant get at it but its going to be there as a symbol of my honest love and want of relationship with you. – GOD

God knew how we would function with comparative thinking. it would drag us to horrible places. and distract us from relationship by destroying it.

Hands of creation?

and i dont know about you, but if i was freshly from someones rib and thrust into a garden as a full formed adult? with no time to learn that the powerpoint hurts if you stick a fork in there, i would think i would appreciate a longer sit down with the creator of the world to learn of how serious he was about loving. but thats my 25 year old 2010 brain speaking.

if you had been created and had no experience of being let down, or the un-seriousness of some peoples words why wouldn’t you take God who just made you and loves you’s words as truth?

enter satan, who is amazingly good at his job. and pulled is off the best that he could – take Gods truth and change it a little bit. only enough to make it untruth whilst still looking like truth. “If you eat this you’ll become more like that guy that you enjoy the company of. if you eat this, this paradise will be even better.’

which in some peoples minds IS truth. by knowing as much as God we are in more of a paradise.

so off they go to the apple shop and take a bite. Adam trusts that his life partner knows what shes talking about so joins in. which is weird because they just met. How good could their relationship be. They haven’t even gone through any trials.
(photo by sarah lee (http://www.facebook.com/sarahleephoto))

-THEY WEREN’T thinking comparatively. they didn’t have those things going on in their heads that we do. the insecurities like adam was going to run off with his mates or another woman. Or that eve didn’t mean what she was saying. communication was perfect. there was no judgement. But with that apple it all changed.

(prom date with no eyes just started playing)

with comparing shame comes, competition gets painful, and those at the bottom of the pile are usually frozen in identity and purpose because they feel they can’t do anything.

And thats why i want to go home. I want to take everyone with me. But im over this place. im over smelling like this and having to watch what i eat and say. i hate sleep. i hate being tired. i dont enjoy possible death.

i dont want to die. i just dont want to be here today.



– the giving of worth to something. If you think a dog is worth your time and effort you’d get the dog some sweet as dog food and maybe pat its head every so often.

So adam and Eve have put not all that much worth on Gods words, or the time they would spend with him. Which had them believing a strangers voice instead and then opened their eyes to comparative thinking, realities that nudity starts certain things off which are apparently not for the breakfast table. They had also then open the doors to brokeness on earth. Brokeness that God never had intended for man kind to have but he decided to use it anyway to show how loving he was. So he improved intimacy between the man and woman and the mans protective stance over the woman designing them both for community within a family context. He then sent them out into a world that was broken and was imperfect, that sometimes hurt. All the while still there with them. But now the intimacy between God and man had been slashed with the knife of human pride and distrust.

So instead of walking with the Lord, and having direct mobile phone access with the creator, humanity had a longer road to travel, similar to when a small child runs from its parent and puts a blanket over its head its harder to hear their mother calling for dinner downstairs. Humanity now had to take off the blanket walk down stairs and enter the kitchen sometimes.

So adam and eve custom designed the first family. two brothers. the parents chose eye colour and hair texture. They would share stories of the old days in the garden. They would share of Gods love. and his worth to them as a family. Adam would show and model Gods father heart to his children and would work alongside them in the field.

Both children were the best at what they did on the planet. They excelled. Out of their love for God they began giving things to God. They gave out of their worth of him.

God loved one of the presents. He was a big fan of choice meats, selected for his benefit and enjoyment. But the gifts the other guy brought weren’t to his liking. As a lover of truth, and as a lover of humanity, wanting to make sure humanity was equipped the right ways God spoke out why he didn’t like the gift, Empowering the giver to ask of what a better gift would be, to put worth into that relationship.

But comparative thinking – into insecurity.

Cain – the elder child, the superior, the one that comparative thinking says should do the best at everything felt humiliated. Not because of what anyone had said, but in what he himself had compared. It wasn’t as good as abels. and projecting that hurt on abel he went out into the fields and killed his brother. Thinking that with no one to compare with ALL of his gifts would be the best.

Cain could’ve blamed this on God too. “If you had accepted my gift nicer i wouldn’t have killed him.” or adam “Why didn’t you teach me what God liked” or his mother “why did you give birth to me?” But God is FOR us. he loves us and is very obvious in that. So Cain would’ve had ample time to ask God “What kind of produce would you like Lord?” as i assume Abel had already asked.

Not killing Cain or allowing others too, God sent him into a different part of the land to create his own family, to find Gods heart for community outside of the hurt and the loss of being a murder in the midst of his victims family.

Family started popping up everywhere, and its at this point that humanity clicked to the idea of actually giving God the worth he deserved. and they began “worshipping” him. In all sorts of ways.

(geoff roberts)

Deadmau5 at Warehau5

Covering the Globe.

ok so after the penultimate family split up and covered the globe, the relationship humanity was destined for got more and more watered down, further and further away from its original shape. Of course those taught that God was real and loving and for relationship still sometimes understood, still sometimes listened, still sometimes trusted. But most of humanity couldn’t care less. they had their hands cut out for them with hunting and gathering foods, or farming enough for one or two or three and then sometimes it got up to whole communities living out as farmers.

They could support leaders and specialists and then protectors and then warriors and then raiding parties hell bent on powerfully taking more. More land to farm, more women, more nice looking things.

Our lusts for control, usurping others influences, for riches, for even sex and rock and roll expanded because it could. So the people of the earth either lived in fear of being attacked or lived in fear that if they stopped attacking they would somehow cease to exist or cease to be powerful.


(last two paddy klips)

This brought them to a dark spiral of shame and pride. Pushing the creator further away. Pushing his light and influence out of the way.

Even the giants and angelic beings came out of the skys and earth to take for themselves what wasn’t theirs to take. 9it is at this point history is confusing. Where did the giants really come from? where did the extra families come from? did they imbreed? was it like a giant version of tasmania?


and God, knowing that we were created in a way that-  the more we function for others the better we function. the more we function and are obsessed by ourselves the more insular, the more stressed, the less effective we are in our destiny.

whats destiny you ask? Destiny is like purpose. the purpose of a cup is to hold liquid or candy or to look nice as art. Cups are not made for transportation. a 350ml cup cannot transport a family of five using a combustion engine. Cups are not domesticated horses. But if you used cups for these things you would break them. They may still function but not to the perfection its creator imagined.

Same with using guns to bake cakes, and thomas the tan engine models as weapons of war – humans were made for selfless relationship, peaceful grace filled community. So when we decided not to do this. when we decided to break the cup, we not only broke the cup we broke the cupboard that the cups were stored in. we broke the kitchen that cabinet sat in. And God saw the BEST way to improve the situation was to take us out.



he sent the word out. get on the boat. with the animals and you will be spared.

What was our reaction??

laughter. taunting. a renewed vigor to destroy ourselves, our cup.

and stepping off the boat after the flood took out the world our loving creator promised.



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