A beginning..

The walk back down the mountain. the re entry of the tent with son still in hand.

we have our own journeys, we have our own tents. Do we trust like that? Do we see how good OUR KEEPER is??

oh the pressure

You grow up with a Dad who trusted God so much that he had walked up a hill with you to sacrifice you.

Just take a moment. Some would think that would mess you up. You would be afraid of your dad all the time, you wouldn’t trust him ever. You would probably sneak away as soon as possible.


You could be speechless in awe. Of Gods goodness. Of your fathers trust and faithfulness. Because that walk down the hill your dad would’ve been stupid happy, so much relief so much excitement. In an instant your dad had resolve to live on without you and now Gods gift had been returned to him.

Imagine your old dad who never played soccer with you but was now jumping hopping and dancing down the side of this mountain. singing at the top of his voice – PRAISES. kissing you, hugging you. LOVE ON HIS LIPS.

The next few years, both your parents would look at you with watery eyes. Joyful embraces, days filled with worship of the God that you were slowly falling retardedly in love with.

Your identity would be soaring. God put you on the earth for an amazing reason. If not just to be in the numberless descendants of your father then maybe to be the father of this new family of promise.

One day whilst sitting in a field hanging out with afore mentioned God, you see this stunningly hot babe walking towards you.

Outside observer must ask themselves “how can they get married, they don’t know each other, what if they aren’t compatible, what if she’s hot blooded and hes hot blooded how will they sleep in the same bed BLAH BLAH BLAH.” They simply decided to love each other forever. end of story. DEAR HUMANITY, LEARN.

Wife doesn’t have babies so what does isaac do?? He asks the creator that he’s madly in love with for help in the baby making process. Guess what?? Once again, THE LORD PROVIDES. At this stage thats what isaac called God. Not just my keeper, but my provider.

During all of this isaacs dad got super rich. like i mean rich as!! Like the owner of burger king type rich. Except the meats were less hoof-y.

So these two sons that isaac ended up having had a rich grand dad for awhile. a rich grand dad that LOVED their dad. and LOVED the God who provides. – Just imagine the presents. Not lego but probably some pretty cool stuff.

So you grow up, in a strange land, with two strange cultures smashing together, with a God that not many of the surrounding people seem to recognise. With rich and loving parents. But theres a catch.

One son was favoured. So you have this subtle family feud. Not spoken about much. But subtly acted upon.

Once again to luke 15 – the brothers at the end of the story. Did jacob and esau feel like justice was not being done. Was one brother out doing all the work, whilst the other brother was being pampered by his mother. Did one have an cain complex of feeling unworthy or identity-less.

Somehow i don’t think so. But at the same time – shadows hide monsters that jump out at no warning.

So fast forward to dads death bed and the blessing time and one brother pulls the ultimate “screw you blood brother of mine im taking the gold”

and then legs it, fearing for his life.

why do we usually leg it?

And this is when it comes to the part that i don’t think the favouritism got in the way of identity. Because God finds both of them

God contended – battled, struggled, craved.

When you look deep into the heart of God he is not a warrior. He his communal love. He is communal submission. He is deeply communal uplifting.

But when pride decided to rear its ugly head God went to battle. He had to become a warrior, to protect, to fight back, to contend with, to chase.

He made weapons, he trained his angelic hosts and became the lord of heavens armies.

And onto the earth he came – God contended, we refer to him, the man, that would become a country.

Imagine a country, a family, a people group – the barry randallites.

Before he became the father of 12 he legged it. Away from wronging his brother, away from his dying father and ageing mother to find himself midst a dream and then a fight.

Then like normal people do, Jacob/Israel married two of his cousins. The dating process was a bit weird too. He had to work for 14 years? and even had a favourite wife. Who does that?

After he used his family as a shield. he got in a fight. During the fight with what can be described as Jesus himself contending with the man who would be the father of his people on earth – damage is done to our seemingly anti hero. But before Israel lets the man go he craves a blessing. He fought hard through pain and hours of struggle for a simple blessing. and a legal name change.

His wives and random tramps he made babies with began to pump out 12 babies. Some of them he liked, Some of them were practical in keeping his sheep empire cranking. But he had a favourite.

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