A beginning..

Joseph – the colourful one. The one that would go on to do great things. But he started lowly.

it began in the wombs of a group of woman who would bring a nation into the world.

they probably didnt like each other.

so they were birthed into conflict from the start,

competition ran in their veins.

farming took on a new game, who can harvest fastest, who can get the girls, who can run faster, who can ride the donkey faster.

look at me dad look at me.

but dad didnt look.

he only had eyes for that one kid. the other womans child.

we hated him.

we would tease him and bash him.

he wasnt even that fast,

and of course then he started talking about being better then us – damn hippie.

so easily taking him out the back and selling him to some slave traders and lying to our father was no trouble. It’s what kids used to do back in the day, just take a friend off into the fields and beat them up a little. Then sell them. Make a little money on the side.

So off on adventure the one brother goes, whilst the other brothers stay at home on the farm, slowly getting hungrier and hungrier.

Enter some of the weirdest circumstances ever. So weird and precise that it seems to be only devine intervention.

Most who get sold into slavery, die in slavery or whilst trying to run away.

J-dizzle (Josephs name is ghetto richardson speak) used his penchant for prophetic dreams (that his brothers hated) to save a mans life, to inform one of the mans death and ultimately to save a whole nation and possibly many others from starvation.

But from the outset he looks so arrogant. He looks like such a douche bag. As if he was home schooled. Socially inept. Unhumble.

Because humility is the ability to make yourself lower then everyone?


To win team sports you need players who are confident in what they can do, what role in the team they are, and what relationship they have with other on the team.

Joseph knew it. Either because his father told him or his Father (God) he knew that he had a gift that would aid people. He knew he would have to speak out that gift to get anything done.

Put the gifted man in amongst insecure farmers and he gets a one way ticket to the slavery that would end in liberating the jews to the lands of promise.

Put the gifted man off in the distance, forced into silence and he dies with the rest of them – hungry and not where he was designed to be.

So off he pops with some slave traders. A man of great character – he ignored the advances of a very attractive woman in authority. He woo’d people with his knowledge an self confidence.

So I imagine his trip into Egypt town with his buyers was pleasant. He then got installed into the house of P dizzle (potifar) who seems to be the leader of the personal body guards of the king (pharaoh). A man of great power and great skill.

A man trained in the arts of protection but also battle, was most probably not a skinny weedy guy.

Joseph worked his way into p dizzles heart so much so that he became head guy of his whole household. Personnel slave, cook, baby sitter, gardner maybe. But it did give Joseph a little taste. A little m ini version of what the king would put him in charge of laters.

And all this because joseph was the greatest guy on the planet??


GOD WAS WITH HIM. The whole time. God was with him and had favour on all he was doing. The great puzzle maker was putting J dizzle in the right place at the right moment and Joseph was fitting perfectly.

So your standing in the doorway of the building that you are in charge of. Surveying how productive the day was, because at the beginning of the day you had to organize the children to studies, the butcher to cut up what came in from the hunt earlier and then repair the back rooms with the newly made bricks. Your body aches in that satisfied way, and the only thing that could be better right then would be to play a game of dice with phillip next door. And out of the corner of your ear you hear “joseph”

It sounds like the bosses wife. She probably wants me to move her room around again to get a better feng shui. Shes so awkward.

“joseph can you come in here please”

“coming missus”

joseph walks into her bedroom, an attractive woman yes, but never entered his head to find her attractive because his master, who treats him and honours him with so much respect is married to her.

But laying there she wears very little clothing and it is truly obvious what is going to happen here but out of respect and obedience to do her will Joseph stays, waiting for a piece of furniture to be pointed at.

“Come closer” she says, quite creepily.

Joseph inches a little closer and then asks, “what would you like me to move mrs Ifar.”

Out of the bed she creeps up to him and whispers “just kiss me”

Joseph sees red and as respectfully as he could pushes away and runs out the door. But as he runs he quickly realizes that his summer skirt is no longer on his body and he is naked.

A second wave of panic rolls over him. Eyes wide open to scan the halls as he runs to his room out the back. Safely inside he shakes in shock at what happened. And then memories start flooding back. The subtle butt touchings, the sensual clothing and words. They weren’t all accidentally. She had been hunting him for weeks like an arrow to a raven.

Instantly his thoughts collided with clarity – does the master know. And what would happen if the master knew.

He had been so good to the master but he was just a slave. Bought and sold on a whim.

Or would he just be killed?

He thinks of running but where would he go?

His master knows the whole surrounds.

Waking up in prison joseph begins to make friends. The usually occupiers of prisons are sometimes not the easiest to make friends with but joseph does it with ease. He starts affirming in people who they are and where they coud be and making those laugh. Including answering the “why are you in here story?”

But God highlights two individuals to him.

A baker and a server.

They both dream and ask in passing if he knows what that could mean.

It must be the funnest thing ever to celebrate with the individual that you just told would go on and do good things.

And equally as horrible if you have to tell a certain individuals that they will die.

So one of the gentlemen died and one went back to his job as server to the king. Which then led to joseph being pulled out of prison the interpret the king of egypts dreams.

So up walks this – minutes-ago-i-was-in-prison right up to the kings throne and has to tell him some good news and some horrid news. We’ll have lots of food. And we will have not enough food.

And moments later joseph finds himself economist for all of eqypt and most of the African surrounds.

He organized the storage of much grain and the buying of much land in exchange for food.

Egypt in the hands of joseph finding itself the sole food provider and owner of land in mot probably the whole continent.

So this powerful man gets a visit from a couple of brothers who share the last-name-blood without knowing with adviser to the king and man in charge of staving off mass famine – JOSEPH.

Joseph gets so excited but wants to see his brothers that are missing and his father. So he hatches a plan to bring them all into the protective sphere of his power.

Sealing the whole people of God to a fate of some fun learning times.

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