draft chapters


Im going to chuck some of my drafts up for the actual book if anyone is interested. please comment. help me craft it somewhat.

chapter one – which is planned to come after a prologue type thingo to gift shape to the project so chap 1 jumps right in it.

chapter one – truth. (written at 2am, we will see) draft 1 30th april.

If existence is like a good meal, then truth is the recipe. There is a right way to cook pea and ham soup. It has pea, it has ham. There are right ways to make it taste amazing, and there are wrong ways to make it taste awful. There are guidelines and food “rules” or “truths” that make it a soup. My father used to say that the person who taught him to read, taught him to cook, as was his cooking style. My mother could dive into the freezer, throw four things out of it and make an incredible meal out of it.

If a meal tastes amazing when you put a teaspoon of salt in the mix, then it would be unwise to put twenty. The consequences of that would be – un-tasty soup. There are better soups then others because of adherence to flavour filled taste.

If life is a game of soccer, there are directions and skill sets and penalties on the way to scoring goals. There truths that when broken one can be found taken off the field. There are better ways of playing it. One wouldn’t play it whilst driving a car. One wouldn’t play it with broken legs. One would get more out of the game if you were fit. If you knew how to control the ball.

The ground we walk on behaves like it does because of gravity. Gravity comes with it, its own set of rules. If you jump, you return to earth. If you roll down mountains you pick up speed. If you don’t think wisely you can do yourself a lot of damage.

Fire holds with it a love of petrol and wood and oxygen. If one puts all of these friends together in a pile in the middle of a dry forrest, bush fires happen, warmth happens, cooking happens.

We are surrounded by truths. Absolute truths that can’t be changed by mere thought, and when they are – things end up happening that were not meant to happen or are not as pleasant. We are also surrounded by relationships. Everything is related to something else. What is on the earth that isn’t related to something else? Truths that hold together relationships.

Now, truth can be made relative. To our own experience our own choice, our own emotions. One of the best examples is the English language. The three main “English speaking” lands being Australia-New Zealand, North America and England have drastically different languages. We are all convinced that we speak English and the rest are crazy idiots. There is an absolute truth in there that we have all ignored because to our experience because we speak it, it must be right.

Truth through our experience can also paint future experience with a colour cast. If we meet someone somewhere and the relationship goes sour at that venue, the venue can then be painted red for awful place. Even tho minutes before it was our favourite place to hang out.

We can eat a favourite meal and end up getting food poisoning and throwing up all over the place. Making even the smell of the meal set off our gag reflex into over time.

If we grew up with untrustworthy family members it can paint whole genders, facial features, authority figures a complete write off colour for the rest of our lives.

Through colours can change also through choice. That first time you smoke weed takes a thing that you were always told not to do, and makes it a thing that you enjoy doing with friends, its cool so it must be alright. Or even the opposite it’s a horrible experience and your truth becomes one that weed is of the devil and no one has ever derived enjoyment from it.

Drug addicts speak of waking up one morning in places that they never dreamed they would end up in. Because our truth slowly changes over a long period of time and then it’s a shock to look back to what it had been.

Murder is usually not something that comes up in a persons to do list randomly. The worth a human slowly falls over time until it seems ok, or even a betterment for society that you kill a person.

Another big event that changes our truth is fear. I grew up with a cat, I had a paper round when I was young and I got attacked by too many dogs to count. I grew up fearing and also hating dogs, so my truth is that dogs are evil. But most of my friends are the opposite – cats are evil, dogs are lovely.

Fear also convinces us that we are unworthy of praise or gifts or friends. Fear teaches us that we can’t succeed. We can’t jump higher, run faster, speak in front of crowd because last time it didn’t happen or because we have over active imaginations.

Laziness and convenience changes our truth, being taught wrong starts truth off on the wrong foot.

You could talk about it all day. Built into creation are rules and absolutes that keep everything together. Around these constructed walls and windows are relationships that hold all of it up and moves bits around and keeps things going. If these walls are knocked down or graffiti’d or ignored, then we end up being cold, dead and alone. If we ignore the cold then our extremities go numb and end up falling off.

Its important how we see truth.

In photography, sometimes white balance is everything. If your camera things white is actually orange, then your photos are going to come out wrong and with a horrible colour cast. If your white is even a little bit off then the photos will not be “true”. We see different things in the photo. Even when its nice or interesting, its still not what is reality.

If we have a truth that is off from the truth we were created from, the fruits can get mildly to extremely horrific.

The greatest conflicts in human history came from an incorrect view of truth. Truth about who humans are, who we are as ourselves, the reason we exist and how we exist.

If we consider one race weaker then the rest then whats to stop us abusing them, they don’t matter as real people. If we weren’t made for community then why not get all the best stuff and go live by ourselves.

If we see truth untruthfully then our relationships will b less then great. We will teach truth wrong and when lies begin to grow they get uglier and uglier.

So how do you see truth? What is truth? How do we renew our truth to its original form? How do we keep it that way? We start from the basis and work our way up. Like the best houses, the foundations are most important. You can’t build an incredible house without a good foundation.


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