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My brother in law is a product designer, I have sat fascinated behind his shoulder as he draws things on his computer. I once watched him draw out a futuristic vacuum cleaner. He would zoom in to meticulously smooth out the sides and colour it exactly how he wanted. Then he would zoom out and rotate it around and you would see the extra handles and storage parts that he imagined up.

Lets say he designed a toaster. He highly crafts it, with the help of some electrical engineers so that the toast is perfectly cooked. He designs the outside to look a certain way, To be able to be stored extremely neatly with ability to also be perfectly folded away in  cupboard too. This toaster has been created to toast. The toaster brings a cooked dimension to breakfast and after school snacks all the way up to entertaining a huge crowd.

Now lets say he sits next to bill, who designs refrigerators. Bill as decided to design it to look like it’s a brother of the toaster. But when he hits up their electrical engineer friend they go out to make sure that the fridge keeps food cool whilst using as little power as possible. He tests it by putting a carton of milk in the carefully designed milk shelf. Hours later he takes the milk out and it has been kept to the same temperature – like it was designed to be.

What happens if they swap roles? What happens if the toaster is then marketed as a storage place for milk? To keep it fresh and cool. And what if the fridge is sold as a product that cooks toast?

The customer takes either product home. Turns the toaster on and pours milk in it. Instantly the toaster, combined with liquid starts at least sizzling and possibly even shorts its circuits. The milk is now at least room temperature maybe warmer. The toaster is broken at least, maybe destroyed. The milk can’t really be used as much as before and the toaster will need to be fixed. The fridge on the other hand, when toast is put inside doesn’t short circuit. Doesn’t need to be fixed, but the toast is now colder then it was, and may in fact be clammy and not very enjoyable to eat. The bread could quickly be saved by chucking it in a working toaster. But the toaster and the milk need a little more work to fix.

Both these products were created and used improperly and the fruits were sub par.

Another example – i used to wear a Chicago white sox hat. It was perfectly formed to my head size. It acted as both a protector from the sun, a fashion accessory that made me look a certain way, communal identifier – others who went for the white sox would be drawn to me as well as a subtle advertising campaign for the team Although being in Australia it wasn’t that effective. Back when I used to eat minced meat, there would be moments when I needed to cook it, so I would get a frying pan and oil and chuck the mince in the pan on a gas stove and cook it well, with flavours that would make eating the meat a lot more enjoyable then eating it raw.

What if I woke up one morning and chucked some raw meat in my Chicago white sox hat? Then walked into the kitchen and put it on the stove. It would slowly burn through my Chicago white sox hat and then begin to burn the meat at the bottom unless I began to turn it over, but with out a pan underneath it the balanced cooking that mince needs would get harder and harder. The immense amount of meat directly on top of the flame would almost definitely smother the flame leaving half cooked, half burned mostly raw mince meat in a gross pile on the stove entangled with a now destroyed Chicago with sox hat.

Now when I wear my hat I will smell of burnt raw meat, which no one wants. It would decrease in effective sun protection as it has a huge gaping hole in it. It would lose almost all of its style and promotional power and my desire to wear it would lose all logic to do so. The meat would be un eatable and messy. Leaving the whole situation quite a negative experience for everyone.

But where is the hope? Can the hat be cleaned and repaired with good stitching? Yes, it might take a while to get it back to almost as good as new, but it is a possibility. Can the meat be saved? Can the meat be now cooked properly – highly probable, or at least other meat can be procured and cooked. Style and sun protected can be found once again, a good bolognaise sauce can be cooked and served.

Now shine these parabolic ideals on humanities experience. Like the hat, meat, fridge and toaster people have been designed and created. And when I make statements like that I am always reminded of the myriad of debates I’ve had with evolutionists and sometimes even pantheists. I’m not standing here attempting to argue if we have been created or designed. The truth I am starting from is that we HAVE been created and designed. So let me state it again. Like the hat, meat, fridge and toaster, people have been designed and created. There are realities that mean we need electricity to run, we need repairing when we are broken, there are things that shouldn’t be poured into us, and when you put bread into our refrigerators expecting toast then you will be strangely disappointed.

Woman I love once told me, to thrive and do well, humanity needs the foloowing everday.

Food, water, air, shelter, company and to learn a new thing every day.

Our bodies have been created in systems. One of these systems is the food system. We eat things that are processed through our stomachs and digestional tracts, goodness is taken out through different parts of our bodies, poisons are filtered and waste is dumped out through a couple of different means. What we eat and how we eat and how much we eat determines our energy, our disposition sometimes, our weight, our complexion. How much we can do, how much we can produce and give out. As a close friend to the food systems is the liquid system. 80 per cent of our bodies are made up of liquid. When our levels get lower we start to slow down and our systems run slower and slower until we ultimately stop. With better levels of liquids out digestional systems are smoother, which then makes our other blah blah blah.  But levels are one thing, liquids we pump through our another. When we start pumping coke instead of water or coffee or beer or whatever is changes the electricity that powers the rest of our bodies systems.

Cycling through our bodies at the same time as the food and water machine is our air. We breathe in oxygen that is then added to our blood which then cycles through our entire body giving energy and a different type of nutrients to our muscles and bones. When we put pure oxygen through our lungs ….. and when we begin to put smoggy air through our lungs or even air laced with marijuana or arsenic it slows us down like trying to record a top ten album on a farm with only single phase power. Our oxygen links in with the energy of the food and liquids we consume. Like a holy trinity of energy if we neglect one, the rest begin to lag.

The secondary trinity of human experience and survival are more abstract almost. The hunter gatherer people of yester year are imagined to just sleep under the stars. Next to trees, in sleeping bags made of leaves and bark. But shelter is almost a strange bed fellow with security and the family unit. When a man lays down with his family underneath the night sky they are quiet vulnerable to wild animal attack, theft, the elements. Trying to sleep with these things over shadowing you gets to be almost stress fueled and impossible. Turning it into a dungeons and dragons watch system, having someone awake all of the time to sound an alarm of needed defense. But as technology and house building becomes more of a thing people have that need of belonging that pops up that is easily foind underneath to family home roof of the cone shape of a tent or the four walls of a constructed house.

As humanity has been created in the image, as the echo of a triune God who are perfect in their holy relationality, company can be avoided and functionality can still be kept, but it isn’t why we were made. So hermits begin to become almost stunted, their functionality lessens and distorts. Like when men hide their feelings under the guise of ‘manliness’ and become quite internally conflicted – acting out in a myriad of ways.

The last of the secondary trinity is to learn something every day. Our brains are muscles and when muscles aren’t used for long periods of time they atrophy. They cease up and are harder to get working when we need to. Learning something every day keeps the muscle of the brain limber, warm, always growing.

When out triune systems are known and used correctly our lives raise in almost all of the best ways.

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